Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss NEBRASKA is Miss America 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry for not posting last night - we had a wonderful day and a very late night! The show started at 6pm Pacific - but it didn't air in Nevada until 9pm! That means we were able to go to the event, see the entire show, attend the post-event press conference, get some food AND be back in our rooms to see the final 45 minutes on TV! Such a fun, fun night!!!

In case you missed it, the new Miss America is Teresa Scanlan, from Nebraska! Earlier in the week - I posted that she would be the first runner up... but by the end of Friday, I was pretty well convinced that she could win it all! I thought it would come down to Nebraska and Hawaii - but when it was Nebraska and Arkansas at the end, I just kept thinking "They can't really crown a ventriloquist, can they?". So excited with the judges choice - and with the way she handled herself all night long...

Just a few fun facts about the new queen... SHE'S 17 - and the youngest Miss America since they instituted an age requirement in 1921... She's the first instrumentalist since Debbye Turner (who happened to be one of the judges) and the first piano player since Kellye Cash in 1987 (who sang AND played the piano for her talent. Debbye Turner played the Marimba)... She's the middle of 7 total children, 3 in front of her and 3 behind her... She was homeschooled through her Junior Year, and graduated from Scottsbluff High her Senior Year... Her hometown in Gehring, NE... her grandparents immigrated from Croatia... She was accepted into Patrick Henry College and had to 'defer' when she was named Miss Nebraska... she's be 'deferring' again now that she's Miss America... She tried to be Nebraska's Outstanding Teen 3 different times and was told she wasn't 'Teen enough'... so she entered Miss Nebraska as soon as she could... won it on her first try and went on to become Miss America... and she's not afraid to take a position on an issue... watch the press conference to see what i mean!

Additionally, here are a few random thoughts for those of you who still care about my random thoughts...

1. My love/hate relationship with North Carolina continues (see previous posts about multiple years of not doing a very good job when it comes to assessing Miss North Carolinas)... the lovely girl wins Talent and then doesn't make the Top 15. One of these days, I'll get it right.

2. In the 'Where Did She Come From' category this year --- Miss Washington. Mom asked Saturday night while we were waiting for the show to start, "Who's Jackie Brown" and I said... "I have no idea." We even saw her perform Talent on Thursday night and weren't super impressed. I hate it when someone's not even on my radar... it's a good thing I had a parade picture of her - 'cause otherwise, i wouldn't have even had a clue!

3. Oklahoma... My sister picked her out early - but by the time I saw her on Friday a the Parade, I thought "This girl is tired and has given up". I now see that she is just REALLY laid back... she was bouncing to the music when they were announcing the Top 5... that's just her. I misjudged her personality... glad Cori got it right!

4. We saw 6 of the girls perform their Talent on Thursday night - and let me say, they ALL performed BETTER on Saturday night during the live broadcast than they did during Prelims. I'd much rather have it that way than the other way around :)

5. I was LOVING the press conference with Miss America immediately following the show... Everyone in the room just started falling more and more in love with Teresa (you can see it on my Facebook page) the more she talked. She's very poised and prepared. I call her Refreshingly Capable and Confidently Independent. If I had a young daughter, I'd see Teresa as an outstanding, positive role model! :)

Hope everyone enjoyed these crazy posts --- it's my pleasure to bring you such thought provoking commentary mixed with captivating dither (LOL!) Honestly - thank you to my friends who indulge me each year when Miss America rolls around... and thank you to my "New" friends who've just discovered that I'm a bit of a kook when it comes to Miss America. Hoping we have something fun to talk about the next time we see each other! :)

If you'd like to see more of Teresa Scanlan, be sure to set your DVR's for Fox and Friends and The View for Monday -- She usually hits Regis and Kelly on Tuesday as well.

Until next year - when we crown a new queen... And we all have the honor of playing this guessing game one more time... I'll be practicing my wave between now and then... hoping you'll be practicing your vocals... so we can all sing together... "There She Is..."

Thanks again friends :)


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