Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again!!! :)

Here we are! The first week of January usually signifies something special in the life of pageant girls (at least since this blog began a few years ago)... It's time for us to begin our journey towards crowning the new Miss America 2012!!! In just a few short days, we'll have ourselves a New Queen - but between now and then, this is the best place to learn all of the official 'inside scoop' on the competition and the crown!

But before we get started on my rantings, let me set a few ground rules. Such rules aren't typically the way I'd begin a new post, but because so many new followers have recently come through our Facebook Fan page, I thought it might be necessary to 'Set the Stage'...

1. If you're one of my long-time friends/family members who has seen my Miss America obsession morph into the web, thanks for hanging in there with me. At least you don't have to see all this stuff on my personal FB page anymore.

2. If you've found this blog because of our official Miss America Junkies Facebook page, then welcome! There's several year's worth of commentary that began as simple emails to my closest friends/family on this blog (see right hand side under 'blog archive 2011, January... trust me, it's all there). I'm not sure I ever thought I would publish these thoughts beyond emails, so just keep that in mind. "Miss America Junkies" was birthed as a personal way for me to keep in touch with friends/family across the country during Miss America week. Plus - it was hilarious when the Miss America reality shows were all the rage a few years ago!

3. Regardless of how you've found this page, you should know these are my personal thoughts and opinions about Miss America. That means, I might say something unfavorable about your state. Truth is, I think I've said something unfavorable about every state (so at least there's equal opportunity offensiveness going on!). :) If you're looking for cute photos and pithy commentary, then please continue with just the Facebook page. This blog is where I get much more specific and much more opinionated. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong... but the last thing I want is for this blog to be boring. I'm not as bad as Perez Hilton, but I thought I'd at least give you fair warning :)

That all being said - The majority of the girls are arriving in Vegas today (January 4th) and their official arrival ceremony starts tomorrow afternoon at Planet Hollywood. As soon as pictures become available, we'll make sure you see 'em! They say the ceremony will be indoors this year, which is different than years previous (not sure where they'll host that) - so we'll let you know. Also, the most disappointing part of this year's festivities is the fact there will NOT BE A PARADE!!! I'm completely bummed as I think this was a spectacular highlight during the competition week! DSW pulled their sponsorship, which means no shoe parade. Pictures from last year's event are below should you choose to reminisce...

Otherwise - Enjoy the crazy commentary about to begin via this blog! If you haven't already viewed the videos of each Miss America contestant, you're behind! Check 'em out here . This is the best place to objectively take a peek at all the girls and determine who's in it to win it, and who's a bimbo (and you'll certainly see both!).

The winner will be crowned live on ABC next Saturday night! Whooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!! :)


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  1. The shoe parade pix were awesome, I was so looking forward to seeing a repeat show!