Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creating a Farm System...

Part of the fun at Miss America Junkies is the insane amount of research we do on each contestant. Normal people think we're crazy, but we consider it part of the job! For example, we can tell you that both Kentucky and New York were named the 1st Runner Up at Miss Sweetheart (NY in 2008, KY in 2010 - if you don't know what Miss Sweetheart is, google it!)! Or, that Miss Nebraska could've taken the crown when Teresa Scanlan won Miss America, but turned it down to come back and win on her own. Or that Arkansas is somehow related to Miss Arkansas 2004 Lacy Fleming who finished as the 3rd Runner Up to Deidre Downs Miss America 2005 (although, we're still looking for the full scoop on that one!). It's not an easy job, but someone's gotta do it!

Believe it or not, photos like this one make our job much easier!

This photo was taken in Orlando during the MAO Teen competition this past August. From Left to Right, it's Idaho, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, Georgia and North Dakota. Every one of these girls were once a "Teen" winner before becoming a "Miss" winner today. With 9 girls at Miss America who once were an official "Teen Winner" that says something about their ability to bring home the crown this year! Here's what we know:

- Kentucky finished as the 4th Runner Up to Teen winner Caitlin Brunell.
- Texas is the 4th former Miss Texas Teen to win the Texas state title (and we think she was a baton twirler as a Teen!).
- Minnesota described herself as skinny, gawky and awkward when she won MAO Teen in 2006 (and won what she called the 'nerd' award for academic achievement).
- North Dakota was MAO Teen AND Teen USA before winning her current title.

What does all this mean? Nothing yet... but one of these days, Miss America WILL crown a girl who was an MAO Teen... Last year, only 4 girls were MAO Teens before winning their state title (Hawaii finished as 2nd runner up and California made the Top 7 in 2011). Going from 4 girls who were MAO Teens in 2011 to 9 girls in 2012 proves one of our favorite theories; A farm system works in both baseball and pageants. :)

Who do you think is most likely to finish the highest out of this group?

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  1. Hmmm... And Minnesota and Kentucky were both QOL finalists!