Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thursday Results and PICKS FOR THE WINNER!!!

Junkies - oh Junkies. How I have let you down... I apologize for not getting a post up yesterday. Just one of those days when one thing turned into another and it didn't happen. My Bad.

In summary, what I would've said yesterday - is that I have redeemed myself and went 2 for 2 on Thursday night preliminary picks, allowing me to finish 4/6 this year! All is not lost after all!!! Here are the results!

Swimsuit = New York.
If my theory holds true about final night swimsuit winners (see previous post), you'll see New York finish in the Top 5 tonight. Frankly, she looked good enough to win it all Thursday night!

Talent = Hawaii.
This means 3 girls who were first in their preliminary group all won Preliminary awards this year (Hawaii, Wisconsin, Utah). I've never seen that happen before - but I can't say for sure that this is THE FIRST time. The routine itself was pretty entertaining... jumping to 'Hawaii 5.0' in the background. Certainly impressive - I'm guessing you'll get to see it for yourself on TV tonight.

That leads us to today... and my additional thoughts before the show tonight...

1. You won't see a full-on opening number. Yes, there's some dancing and such, but the girls will all be introducing themselves from various locations around Vegas including the Hoover Dam as well as The Strip. I kinda miss it, personally.

2. These judges are torn (in my humble opinion). By this point, you can usually see someone emerging as the front runner, but I really think it's more 'open' this year and several girls have a viable shot at the crown. I think half the judges want someone's who's genuine, relate-able, touchable, and real (Teri Polo, Lara Spencer, Chris Powell). I think the other half want someone who's Hot, who's 'got it' and is a little more Holly-wood, camera ready, grab-your-attention-when-you-walk-in-the-door gorgeous and aren't really sure how talented she needs to be (Kris Jenner, Mike Fleiss, Mark Ballas. And for the record, I have no idea who Raul Molina wants). Let's be honest - these 2 ideals are REALLY difficult to find in the same person. I'm not sure which of these theories is going to win out.

3. Since 2005, someone who won a preliminary has won Miss America. 2005 was the last queen crowned in Atlantic City, Deidra Downs. If you remember, that was the year they competed in every category and at the very end had a Talent-Off. In theory, the girl with the best Talent would win. In reality, 2 very poor Talents were shown on National TV and they never tried it again. Normally, I'd be VERY SURPRISED if we crown a non-preliminary winner tonight, but given this group of judges (again, who have no direction from a former Miss America within their group), nothing's impossible.

Ok - here's how I see it.

Favorites to Win = New York, Wisconsin.

Potential Dark Horses out of Nowhere = Missouri, Washington, California

Girls who should still do well = Oklahoma, South Carolina, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas.

And there you have my Top 10. I'm not saying the first 5 names will all be in the Top 5... I think it's closer to NY, WI, OK, CA, SC... but we shall see.

Finally, I see NY and Wisconsin as the favorites for the crown - and the epitome of these 'deuling beliefs'. WI beat NY on Talent night, but it's entirely possible NY beat WI in interview. I see WI as the 'relate-able, genuine girl' and NY as the 'Hot Mama'. Conventional wisdom tells me NY will win it this year (given Claire Buffie's success paving the way in 2011... see Brittany Jeffers in 2010 paving the way for Teresa in 2011...see Hanna Kiefer in 2008 paving the way for Caressa Cameron in 2010)... but let me go on record that I would more than happy to have Wisconsin named the winner as well.

As always, we shall see!!! Pictures are on the Miss America Junkies Facebook page! Promise to update you with final thoughts after a new queen is crowned TONIGHT!!!

In the meantime, tell me who's in your Top 10! I'd love to compare notes!!! :)

Good Luck Everyone!!!

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