Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Miss South Dakota

Anna Simpson, Miss South Dakota 2011 wins our vote for most original training opportunity with a mentor!  Check out this nation-wide story that NBC's 'Today Show' did featuring Anna and her piano teacher!

Now THAT'S a benefit to technology we never envisioned!!!  What an amazing way to train with one of the best mentors available!  Big Kudos to Anna and the Miss South Dakota team for finding a way to hone your craft without regards to the miles in between!!!

Anna Simpson was also wonderful at updating her Facebook page with new photos almost every week of her reign! There were plenty to choose from, but we've always loved this 'artsy' pic of her at center ice, about to 'drop the puck' during a Rapid City Rush Hockey game (kinda like throwing the opening pitch at a baseball game!).

Miss South Dakota History: Having never produced a Miss America, SD did come stinking close one time... Irene O'Connor was the 1st runner up to Yolanda Betzebe in 1950.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  All headshots can be found here on the Miss South Dakota website...

Who to Watch: Actually - this is interesting... 12 girls competed last year... of the 11 who were eligible to come back this year (12 minus current queen Anna Simpson), 7 are back! 

Veterans Include:
Calista Kirby - she & Anna were double prelim winners last year, and Calista finished as the 1st runner up
Heather Johnson - 2nd runner up in '11
Brittanie Vernard - 3rd runner up in '11
Autumn Simunek - 4th runner up in '11

Rookies Include:
Jade Possail - she's an athlete and she's got that 'cute and spunky' thing going for her
Tessa Dee - she's done A LOT of work on her platform and was even featured in FourPoints Magazine

If I name any more names, I'm gonna end up telling you about every girl in the contest (lol)!

Best of Luck Ladies!!!  Make this year one to remember in South Dakota!!! :)


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