Monday, June 11, 2012

Miss Alaska

Miss Alaska... What can you say about the state whose most famous contestant, didn't even win the crown (Sarah Palin, 1st runner up and Miss Congeniality at Miss Alaska 1984).  Well, just because it's not considered a 'pageant state', that doesn't mean the Junkies will pass up the chance to bring you what we know about Miss Alaska!  We admit it's not much... but here's what we know! :)

Photo courtesy of Apogee Studios

Katy Lovegreen was another Irish Dancer at Miss America, making 3 in one year (OK, DE and AK).

Items to Note: There are 13 ladies competing for Miss Alaska this year... which is the same number in states like Nebraska and Iowa...

Alaska History:  Nobody from Alaska has been crowned Miss America... in fact, they've only placed in the Top 10 once --- Jamie Tinker in '98

Best Junkie Research Tool: There are photos from last year's court on the Miss Alaska page here... but for a list of the current contestants, you'll need to go to the Miss America site here...

Who to Watch: 

Sarah Joy Temple - Alaska USA '10, younger sister Veronica was AK OT in '09

Julia Marstall - 1st runner up '11

Tiffany Hancock - 4th runner up in '11

All the Best to Everyone competing for Miss Alaska 2012!!!  Junkies Love the Last Frontier!!! :)


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