Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Colorado

Diana Dreman made history on the Miss America stage earlier this year... She is the only daughter of a Miss America to compete on the Miss America stage herself.  The year was also special to Diana and her mom, as Rebecca King Dreman (Miss America 1974) was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer more than a year ago.  Over the past year, Diana cared for her mother half the time while preparing for Miss America the other half of the time.

There's obviously a special link between moms and daughters... And while Rebecca's cancer is currently being treated with experimental procedures, Diana and Rebecca will always have this year of incredible memories and nobody can take it away from them.

Miss Colorado History:  The Rocky Mountain State has had 3 Miss Americas... Sharon Ritchie in '56, Marilyn Van Debur in '58 and Rebecca King in '74.  Colorado had a string of Top 5 finishes at Miss America 88, 89 and 90, but the only recent semi-finalist was Katie Lehman at Miss America 2010.

Items of Note:  Colorado isn't exactly what you'd call a 'pageant state'... Especially since Jon Benet Ramsey was found dead in her home in '96 (she would've been 22 this year).  Climbing 14'ers is more popular than pageants... shopping at REI is more prestigious than buying a Tony Bowls gown.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Colorado site is fancy-dancy... Just make sure you have enough bandwidth to get all the flash graphics!  Plus their Facebook page gives you the chance to vote for your favorite contestant (along with their Talent and Platform information). 

Who to Watch:

Hanna Jo Porter - 1st runner up in 10 and in 11, prelim swimsuit, evening gown and interview winner at Miss Sweetheart where she made the Top 10.  A tap dancer, she's the favorite to win this year (although we all know, there's no guarantees)

Janelle Osborn - 3rd runner up in 11 and CO Outstanding Teen in 09, she radiates confidence on stage

Stacey Cook - 2nd runner up in 11 and a Tahitian dancer... great body

Kayla Brahn - Her 4th time at Miss CO, 4th runner up in '10

Ashley Reichert - Musical Theater major, NAM CO 1st runner up, CO Outstanding Teen contestant, Top 10 in '11

The Junkies will enjoy watching the new Miss Colorado crowned live and in person on June 16!!!  Looking forward to it!!!  Junkies Love Colorado!!! :)


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