Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miss Oklahoma

In the world of Miss America, there are really only a few states that consistently stand out year after year after year.  Enter Oklahoma...

In fact, since Shawntel Smith won Miss America in 1996, Miss Oklahoma has made the 'semi-finalist cut' (whatever they called the first cut that given year... Top 20, Top 15, Top 12, etc) 62.5% of the time!!!  And when it comes to Miss America AAC (After Atlantic City), there's only 1 state who has crowned 2 Miss Americas, and had 2 more Top 5 finishes... That's Oklahoma.  To use a sports analogy, they're the 'Yankees' of Miss America.

And like the Yankees, the Miss Oklahoma organization is a well oiled machine, and they are driven to succeed.  The way George Steinbrenner wants a a World Series, that's they way Miss Oklahoma wants another Miss America.  In fact, because Miss OK is so good at grooming their winner for the Miss America stage, some people believe that whoever wins Oklahoma this year will be the next Miss America, period.  Truth is, it might be harder to become Miss Oklahoma than to become Miss America!  The competition is incredibly fierce and while Oklahoma has crowned a rookie here and there, for the most part, they have a reputation for making you 'pay your dues' before you win. 

Current Queen:  The delightful Betty Thompson finished as America's Choice, a Preliminary Talent Award Winner, and the 1st runner up at Miss America 2012.  She has consistently been described as 'the sweetest contestant' by multiple girls at Miss America... convincing me that the judges could've crowned Betty or Laura - and either of them would've made an outstanding Miss America!  Personally, we have no idea how she was able to look 6 feet tall in this evening gown (she's only 5'2), but somehow she did.  Somehow, the Yankees always find a way to outshine the rest :)

Miss Oklahoma History:  With 6 Miss Americas under their belt, Oklahoma's itchin' for another which would put them atop the leader board of the most Miss Americas ever (currently tied with California).  Norma Smallwood in '26, Jane Jayroe in '67, Susan Powell in '81, Shawntel Smith in '96, Jennifer Berry in '05 and Lauren Nelson in '06 are your queens from the Sooner State.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Trust us - we've looked high and low on a lot of girls preparing for this post.  The Miss Oklahoma website has great information including head-shots, talent, age, platform title and even the order in which they'll be competing.  It's not a video, but it's pretty close. :)

Items of Note:  The Junkies are headed to Miss Oklahoma to see the new queen crowned in person - and chose this pageant because it's Miss OK's 40th Anniversary with the Kiwanas Club of Tulsa!  The partnership between Miss OK and the Kiwanas is instrumental, as the Kiwanas provide volunteers, donors and sponsors that help make the program a success.  Plus, we're pretty sure it's going to be a reunion of former Miss Oklahomas like we've never seen before! :)

Who to Watch:  As we said, Miss Oklahoma may be the most competitive state in the union... and there are plenty of girls who could take the crown this year, including...

Damaris Pierce - 1st runner up in '11, it's her 6th time at Miss Oklahoma, her rookie year she was 4th runner up and won overall prelim talent clear back in 07.  She can sing and she could win it all this year.

Alicia Clifton - 2nd runner up in '11, it's her 3rd time at Miss OK, Miss OK Outstanding Teen '08, prelim talent winner... she can tap and she could win it all this year.

Alex Eppler - 3rd time at Miss OK, 4th runner up both times before... prelim swimsuit winner and jazz dancer

Sarah Klein - Piano, Top 10 in '11, prelim talent and newcomer talent winner in '11

Megan Johnson - Top 10 in '11, Jazz Dance, 3rd-ish time at Miss Ok (we think), has that 'Betty Thompson super-cute look about her...

Georgia Frazier - vocal, OK Outstanding Teen in '09 

Victoria Renard - former Washington Outstanding Teen and 3rd runner up, tap 

Aly Akers - 3rd time at Miss OK, baton twirler, she broke her arm? or collar bone? earlier this Spring - should be fine this week at State

Others of Interest:
Christin Fairchild - Won "Talent Day"
Veronica Wisniewski - Ballet, Top 10 in '11
Dontreka Matthews - 3rd on Talent Day, vocal
Brittney Bisel - 3rd time at Miss OK, Top 15 in '11 

We'll do our best to bring you all the inside scoop from Tulsa!  Junkies can't wait to see Miss Oklahoma!!!  All the Best!!! :)


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