Saturday, June 2, 2012

Miss Idaho

The reigning Miss Idaho is Genevieve Nutting, a former Miss Idaho Outstanding Teen and our favorite queen with a stuffed animal at her disposal!

'Spuddy Buddy' was often found to be everywhere she was (which meant a LOT of travel for the little guy).   We also loved how Genevieve was such an ardent supporter of Girl Scouts - which translated into her receiving the Four Points Award at Miss America for her ability to represent Style, Service, Scholarship and Success.  Congrats Genevieve!!! :)

So what do we know about the Miss Idaho 2012 competition?  Well... let's see...

Idaho History :  Idaho is another state who is without a Miss America... However Sadie Quigley was a non-finalist Talent winner in 2008.

Best Research Tool: Well... it wasn't easy, but we finally found a list of who is competing in the pageant here... We never did see any individual head-shots of 2012 contestants...but you can see 2011 head-shots on the Miss Idaho site, just in case you missed last year's event! :)  **** UPDATE****  Everything you need is on the Idaho Facebook page - just click here!!! :)

Who to Watch:  Again - without head-shots, we're pretty much at the mercy of the internet telling us who's finished where in previous years... and even that's pretty sketchy.  20 girls competing this year - here's our best picks...

Whitney Wood - 1st runner up in '11... great head-shot from '11

Kristina Nye - Most intriguing contestant... she brought back the Idaho Junior Miss program (now Distinguished Young Woman of the Year) by volunteering to do it!  The first year there were 7 contestants, this year there's 20 (she's been doing it 4 years total - all while she's in college!) and they gave away $8000 in scholarship money this year!  Plus, she's really pretty. :)

Shalese Kofoed - strong vocalist, former YWotYear contestant... we're also guessing she's related to Kiley Kofoed, Miss Idaho '10

Kristen Tatillin - prelim swimsuit winner in '10, repeat contestant in '11 (missing details regarding '11)

That's our best shot!  Wishing all the contestants at Miss Idaho lots of Junkie Love!!! :)


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