Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Maine

Miss Maine is already up and rolling... or should I say, up and 'bowling'...

Yes, we found this photo on the Miss Maine Facebook page with a caption that said it was a great event to have the contestants 'let their hair down' and get to know each other.

Julia Furtado, Miss Maine 2011, arrived at Miss Maine having never competed in a pageant before... and subsequently WON!  Meaning, Miss America was her second pageant ever (seriously - we still have a hard time comprehending the craziness of that statement).  Julia was one of the winners of the Duke of Edinburgh Award - and really looked radiant on-state during Miss America all week!

Maine History:  Maine has never produced a Miss America... but had back-to-back non-finalist Talent Award winners in '03 and '04.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  All the contestants can be found here at the Miss Maine site...

Who to Watch:  

Kacie Ferraro - former Rhode Island OT and Miss New Hampshire contestant.  Super smart girl - now teaching in Maine

Marisa Butler - 1st runner up at Miss Maine Teen USA

Molly Bouchard - Miss Jr. Maine Teenager, Maine's Junior Miss/Distinguished Young Woman/whatever theyre calling it now '08

Gillian Ramsdale - the girl is going to do a basketball routine for her talent - and we're 'hooping' to see pictures! (bad joke... sorry)...

All the best to everyone at Miss Maine!!!



  1. I have judged Kacie Ferraro at the local level and she is one confident, eloquent, and accomplished lady! Wishing her the best in what is most likely her last state competition. Thanks for mentioning her in your blog!

  2. Did a little research because I know that Maine has had more national success history than what you posted. They produced back-to-back Top Fivers: 1970 2nd runner up to Phyllis George and 1971 4th runner up to Laurel Schaefer. They have also had other non-finalist Talent awards in the 1960s and 1970s. :)