Monday, June 18, 2012

Miss Tennessee

Hellooooooooooooooooo Miss Tennessee 2011, Erin Hatley!!!

Although the photo with the mug was taken nearly a year ago (shortly after Erin won the crown), we love it!  The mug, the ring, the smile, the hair... it's soooooooooooo Miss Tennessee!!! :)

If you don't know anything about Miss Tennessee, at least know this much... Tennessee ALWAYS crowns GORGEOUS girl!!!  And because it's that way year after year, you begin to wonder if they always crown the most beautiful girl in the state pageant simply on looks alone!  But then - if you take a closer look at all the Miss Tennessee contestants, you'd see that it's not hard to crown a gorgeous girl when you have this many beautiful women to choose from!  Check out their Facebook page here... we dare you to tell us who the ugliest girl is in this bunch ('cause who could tell???)

Tennessee History: Barbara Walker in '47 and Kellye Cash in 87 (yes - the grandniece of Johnny Cash in case you never knew!)

Best Junkie Research Tool: Tennessee keeps a very up to date Facebook page for the organization, and a separate page for the queen and has a strong Twitter presence.  Plus here's the website... in case you wanted to see each of the girls head-shots all on one page.  

Who to Watch:  Wow - the better question is... who not to watch???  With the help of some info sent to the Junkie Nation, in addition to our own research, here's what we can tell you!

Chandler Lawson - 2008 Tennessee's Junior Miss, was Miss TN Top 10 in 2009, 1st RU & Tennessee's Sweetheart in 2011
Kyndall Convington - 4th runner up in '11, strong vocalist, last placement in her prelim group
Kristen Mosley - piano, former AL Junior Miss, finished in the top 10 at AJM, first time at Miss TN
Hannah Disterdick - daughter of Miss Tennessee 1982 Desiree Daniels, TN Junior Miss in 07
Cyrena Wages - 1st runner up in 09 and prelim talent winner
Sara Mitchell and Brooke Stegeman won swimsuit prelims in 2011 & 2010 respectively and are in the same group this year

These girls all finished as Semi-Finalists in '11
Camilla Baton
Leah Beth Bolton
Ivy Depew

Also, rumor has it Sam Haskell will be in attendance Friday and Saturday night... And Laura Kaeppeler will be there starting with Prelims on Wednesday! :)

All the best to everyone at Miss Tennessee!!!  Looking forward to your next Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Winner!!! :)


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