Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss Arizona

Every once in a while, you experience a 'ba BOOM' moment at the Miss America pageant... For the record, it usually happens for us during the swimsuit competition... and for us... it happened this year when Jennifer Sedler, Miss Arizona 2011 took the stage...

I wish you could've been there... it was like a Victoria's Secret supermodel was walking on stage... Sassy and Confident... we knew she wasn't far behind Miss New York, Kaitlin Monte who won the prelim swimsuit award that night...

Jennifer's talent was original and FUN!  Plus - how many girls can do this on stage when you're 5'10 (Junkie Confession... we're just guessing on her height - we can't find any info that says exactly how tall she really is...).

In addition - the Junkies were able to find out the inside scoop on Miss America week from Jennifer's newsletter    Super grateful for the way she kept everyone informed all year! If you missed them, check them out here... :)

Miss Arizona History: Two Miss Americas have come from the state of Arizona... Jacque Mercer in 49 and Vonda Van Dyke in 65.

Best Junkie Research Tool: The Miss Arizona website has all the contestant head-shots here... Big Photos Too! :)

Who to Watch:

Tiffany Hilburn - 3rd runner up in '11, 3rd time at Miss AZ

Katelyn Niemiec - twirler, Top 10 in '11, Miss AZ OT in '09

Danielle McBurnett - Top 10 in '10, piano player - was in a snowmobile accident in March, but will compete!

Andrea Malinski - 2nd time at Miss AZ, switched talent from Jazz Dance to Piano

The Junkies Love Arizona!!!  All the best to Everyone Competing!!! :)


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