Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miss Indiana

The pride of Goshen, Indiana... Jackie Jerlecki, Miss Indiana 2011 is beautiful, talented and in her spare time, she talks to frogs...

Photo by Nicole Mehl...

Well ok... that's not quite the whole story... Jackie was at an appearance and was participating in a frog jumping contest.  On her Facebook page, Jackie said she was trying to offer some 'encouraging words to Walter'... but to no avail.  Obviously, the frog must've been deaf to begin with.

We loved watching Jackie all year long... and we're guessing Indiana was pretty happy with their 2011 queen too! :)
Miss Indiana History:  The one and only Miss America from Indiana was Katie Stam, Miss America 2009.  Katie was also "America's Choice" on the show.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Indiana Organization keeps a strong Facebook and Twitter presence... Their competition order can be seen here... But full headshots of the girls can be seen here... :)

Who to Watch:

Caroline Holcomb - 1st runner up in 09 and 11, 5th time at Miss IN

MerriBeth Cox - 3rd runner up in '11, Illinois OT in 07, baton twirler

Rachael Bazzel - ANTSO Teen in 05, 4th runner up in 10, Top 10 in 11

Victoria McKee - 4th runner up in 09 and 11

 PRELIMS START TONIGHT for Miss Indiana!!!  All the Best to Everyone!!!


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