Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss Delaware

Maria Cahill is a hoot!  Ok, so we don't know her personally at all, but from the outside looking in, she's confident, witty and quirky!  We have a feeling she's always been this way... from her love of Big Mac's to supporting her siblings sporting events, Maria's twitter account is alive and active with updates on who she is and how she lives!  We love it! :)

Maria was given a non-finalist talent award for her Irish Step Dancing routine at Miss America... and we think she should've received an award for 'wearing the heaviest dress' in evening gown!  Check out the full beading on this puppy!!!  I can't imagine how much that thing must've weighed!!!

Delaware History:  Never had a Miss America... but Maria follows in a long line of Delaware contestants who've finished with a preliminary talent or non-finalist talent award... Not bad considering Miss America was only Maria's 5th pageant ever!

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Headshots and details of the girls can be found here at the Miss Delaware site... Everyone has the same background, so we're guessing these were taken during a recent orientation weekend specifically for the website. :)

Items of Note:  Although Miss Delaware is always exciting - a true Miss America Junkie doesn't exist without knowledge of Mr. Delaware 2008. Chris Saltalamacchio was given the title in a male pageant designed to be a fund-rasier for Miss Delaware and the name just stuck!  He's a pageant/dress consultant, entertainer, emcee and reality TV dude as well (as seen on Jersey Couture earlier this season!).  Check out his tweets as well and soon, you'll be hooked too :)

Who to Watch:

Steffi Holmes - 2nd runner up in '11, 1st runner up in '10, 3rd time to Miss Delaware, opera singer

Erin Magnin - 3rd runner up in 11, 3rd time to Miss Delaware, vocalist

Chelsea Betts - Delaware's Outstanding Teen in '07, 4th runner up in '10, 3rd time to Miss Delaware

Alyssa Murray - 4th runner up in '11, 2nd time to Miss Delaware

Others to watch:
Becky Albini - Outstanding Teen contestant in Connecticut
Alix Gardner - Her talent is a comedic routine!
Tierra Fair - Did you get that?  Her name is Tierra (Tiara?) 

All the Best to everyone at Miss Delaware!!!  Can't wait to see who the winner is on June 16!!! :)


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