Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miss Montana

Miss Montana, Veronika Ohlinger was one of 9 contestants at Miss America 2012 who had previously been named a State MAO Teen. :)

This photo was taken at the Miss America's Outstanding Teen competition in Orlando in August of 2011, prior to the Miss America competition in January of 2012.  We also did a blog post about it (invoking farm systems) that you could read here... back before Miss America.  The above photo is of (from left to right) Idaho, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, Georgia and North Dakota.

In my humble opinion, Miss America is salivating at the thought of crowning a former MAO State Teen with the title of Miss America 2013.  Again, in my humble opinion, I think states would be wise to crown a former Teen State Winner as their Miss Contestant - if she's got the goods, this could be the year!

In addition to being a MAOTeen (from West Virginia), Veronika was originally named the 1st runner up in Montana before Taryn Chuter resigned due to a knee injury that required surgery.  Luckily, Veronika was able to take over the crown about 6-7 weeks after the Miss Montana pageant - allowing her to essentially 'BE' the queen all year long. :)

Montana History:  Another state on the list that's never had a Miss America...

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Who to Watch:

Jill Sharp - 4th runner up in 2010, prelim talent winner

Cortney Bury - 4th runner up in 2011, prelim swimsuit, funky hair, plays the double bass

Alysse Charlesworth - Miss Montana OT in 2009, tap dancer

Junkie Love to Miss Montana!!!  Wishing all the best to all the contestants!!! :)


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