Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss West Virgina

Spenser Wempe... besides having a great name, Miss West Virginia 2011 was a knockout!  The girl has so many different 'looks' about her... which is why we're guessing people like Jenn Cady chose to use her as their model for various shoots...

SERIOUSLY!  Spense Wempe knows how to pose and how to give a photographer something to work with! :)  We're gonna miss her and her beautiful face! :)

Spenser is also passionate about her platform, the Wounded Warrior Project and brought a great deal of attention to her cause.  She was also a Duke of Edinburgh award recipient.  Although only 19, she's obviously, more than just a pretty face. :) 

Miss West Virginia History:   Having never produced a Miss America, West Virginia had their best placement when Ella Kessel was named the 2nd runner up at Miss America 1965 (and went on to become the First Lady of West Virginia in 1989).

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The West Virginia website has all the 2012 head-shots here... :)

Who to Watch: 
Gabrielle Ash -2nd runner up and prelim swimsuit in 10,  4th time at Miss VW 

Kaitlin Gates - WV OT in 06, 2nd runner up WV Teen USA 08, 4th runner up WV Teen USA 10 

Whitney Johnson - 2nd runner up WV Teen USA 10 

Holly Hunsberger - Top 10 in 11, WV OT in 09, 3rd time at Miss WV 

Katie Wright - Former WV Teen International - great headshot

All the Best to Everyone at Miss West Virginia!!!  Junkies Love the Mountain State!!! :)


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