Monday, July 2, 2012

Miss Nevada

Before we get to Miss Nevada, I want to apologize to Mississippi, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Oregon, Illinois and Virginia... It really is nothing personal, we just fell behind.  While much of the research we did on these states would've been great to blog about, the concerns we had for our friends and family members who were escaping a firestorm became our #1 priority and something had to give.  The Junkies promise to make it up to these 7 states sometime in the future... We owe you one!

Now - On to Nevada!

Miss Nevada 2011 Alana Hill will forever be remembered in our minds as the girl who gave the perfect answer on National Television when she didn't make the semi-finalist cut.  In case you missed it (but you're all Junkies so let' face it... everyone reading this knows exactly what we're talking about), Gretchen Carlson (Miss America 1989 and Fox News Anchor) and Brooke Burke Charvet were on-stage with the girls after the evening gown competition and Gretchen started talking about how proud she was of the contestants... She said, 'These girls will go on to be doctors and lawyers and television anchors and politicians... And I hope one day, President of the United States'... to which Brooke says to Miss Nevada, 'That's great... What's next for you?'... That's when Alana replies (without missing a beat), 'President of the United States'. :)  Classic - unscripted and honest!  What a great moment!

In case you didn't know, Alana has a real shot at that Presidential thing... her father is a state senator for the state of Nevada representing Las Vegas.  Additionally, Alana was covering the Miss America pageant in 2010 as a reporter for SUN News and KCSG  - and then participated in 2011!  It's stuff like that which reminds us how much we enjoy blogging about each state!!! :)

OK - Here's what else you need to know...

Miss Nevada History:  Never had a Miss America... and while they've had finalists since this time, we still appreciate and remember Stacie James who was 2nd runner up to Kaye Lani Rae Rafko at Miss America 1988 (who had a great voice and was recovering from Bells Palsy)... then again, maybe it was those fabulous 'la cucaracha' dresses that we loved and adored...


Best Junkie Research Tool: The Miss Nevada site does have all the contestants here on their webpage... But you can also discover each contestant's Talent and Platform by checking Miss America site here...

Who to Watch: 12 contestants this year... here's who we picked...

Elizabeth Mercado - 2nd runner up in '11, 2nd time at Miss NV

Madison James - Cute Headshot... but don't try google-ing her name or you just end up with a bunch of stuff on James Madison (true!)

Diana Sweeney - 4th runner up in '11

Randi Sunquist - 3rd runner up in 10, 3rd runner up in 11

THE JUNKIE BLOG IS BACK!!! Good luck to all in The Silver State!  


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