Thursday, July 5, 2012

Miss Washington

Brittney Henry, Miss Washington 2011 had one of the best stories ever for a Miss America contestant!  Although let's be honest, Brittney has said herself that she isn't a 'Cinderella Story' where everyone lives "Happily Ever After"... It's what she's done with the life she has that makes her sooooooooo special!  Whenever you think the cards are stacked against you --- or that someone else has an unfair advantage over you --- just remember Brittney.  That oughta get you out of your pity-party pretty quickly! :)

In case you don't know Brittney's full story, you can read about it here on her personal website...

At Miss America, the Junkies were fortunate enough to see Brittney's Talent and we were thrilled to see her go home with a Non-Finalist Talent award!  So deserving!

There's also a video on YouTube you can see for yourself here...

We also have to say that Miss California, Noelle Freeman and Brittney have been hilarious to watch this year... our personal favorite was this video they made while competing at Miss America... Check it out here... Super Glad these 2 kept everything light-hearted and fun at The Big Dance in Vegas! :)

Miss Washington History:  Although they've never produced a Miss America, we still have a couple of favorites... Honey Castro was 3rd runner up to Susan Akin and Elyse Umemoto was 2nd runner up to Katie Stam.

Best Junkie Research Tool: The Miss Washington site has a slideshow of all the contestants here on their website... For a look at everyone at one time, check out the Miss America link here...

Items to Note:  This is a very interesting group of girls... out of 22 contestants, 17 are new to Miss Washington this year!  WOW!  Could be someone out of nowhere who takes the crown this year... you just never know...

Who to Watch:
Daniela Ferrell - 4th runner up in '11, 2nd time at Miss WA
Kara Jo Morris - 2nd runner up in '11, 2nd time at Miss WA
Alexandra Harrison - 4th runner up in 11, 1st runner up 10 at Miss OR, 1st time at Miss WA
Reina Almon - WA OT in '09, 1st year at Miss WA
Mandy Schendel - Miss WA Teen USA in 08
Jean-Sun Ahn - 4th runner up at Miss AZ in 10

A few more than we normally list on a pageant this size, but it's only because it's anyone's crown to win!!!

All the best to the place we're affectionately nicknaming, "The Starbucks State"!!!  :)


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