Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Miss Texas

Miss Texas... 
Where do we begin?
Hmmmm... How about telling you about their record...

In 40 years, Miss Texas has only missed the semi-finalist cut 10 times!!!  Yes - since 1972, Miss Texas has been at least a semi-finalist 75% of the time!   May we say that again... FORTY YEARS!!!

Miss Texas 2011, Kendall Morris was no exception.  In fact, in a previous blog we noted that when we saw Miss Texas walk in the Miss America fashion show, we knew she could win a swimsuit prelim - even if she was ugly!  That girl can WALK (just look up the MA Fashion Show video and see for yourself!)!  Good news is, she's gorgeous (so no controversy there) was styled perfectly at Miss America and did come home with the Preliminary Swimsuit Award along with her Top 10 finish.  Bravo!

Miss Texas History:  Although they have a phenomenal state record, Miss Texas hasn't had a Miss America since 1975... Three total; Jo-Carrol Dennison in 42, Phyllis George in 71 and Shirley Cothran in 75.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Texas site has recently been updated and all of the contestant information is here...

Items to Note:  Wow.  If you thought Miss Oklahoma and Miss California were tough this year... let me introduce you to Miss Texas...

In this corner - We have 15 newbies competing for the first time...
And in this corner - We have 3 girls who have all previously been named the
1st runner up at Miss Texas!

So before making any predictions, can we say "Show us the Judges Please??"

Chris Chambers - Assistant ED at Miss Tennessee
Norval Sykes - Former Executive Producer of Miss TX, Vocal Award named for him
Richard Walker - Miss Florida background, Earned Doctorate, VP for Student Affairs
Kenny Mack - ED of Miss New York
Angela Busby - Former Miss Kansas, part of judges panel who chose Laura Kaeppeler
Pamela Dyer - Former Miss Texas contestant - and former Miss TX USA contestant
Angie Rodriguez - Formerly with Miss Maryland, now with Miss Virginia OT

Interesting... Now - here's who we're saying you should watch:

Adrianna Nelson - 1st runner up in 11, 6th in 09, vocalist
DaNae Couch - 1st runner up in 09, 2nd runner up in 10 and 11, baton
Jordan Johannsen - 1st runner up in 10, 3rd runner up in 11, Top 10 in 09, dance and vocal
Meghan Miller - MAOT National Winner 06, semi-finalist 2 out of 3 times at Miss TX
Monique Evans - Top 10 in 11 (8th place), prelim talent and swimsuit
Kenne Nordin - Top 10 in 11 (6th place), 4th time at Miss TX
Christina Tang - Top 10 in 09, Baylor Grad, Law Student at SMU, piano player

Let the Pageant Begin!  All the Best to Everyone at Miss Texas!!!


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  1. Actually DaNae Couch just completed her second year of Law School at Texas Tech School of Law, whereas Christine Tang had not begun it yet.