Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Miss Arkansas

Kristen Glover, Miss Arkansas 2011 wins the 'Super Smarty Sexy Scientist' award of this year's class.  The girl graduated Magna Cume Laude from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in Chemistry (For the record, the last time the Junkies even took a Chemistry Class was at the age of 16!).  Her future plans include Pharmacy School at the University of Arkansas... like we said, Super Smarty Pants! :) 

There were scores of photos of Ms. Glover which were Fabulous...

Here's hoping Kristen's future lab partner at least has a clue and appreciates who he/she's been paired up with this fall!!! :)  

Kristen was a Quality of Life Finalist Award winner at Miss America this year for her platform called, "Second Chances through Mentoring".  If you've seen her Facebook page or her blog (check it out here) you know her year hasn't been about photos - it's been about the kids.  She's a great role model and has a strong future ahead of her! :)

Miss Arkansas History: Two Miss Americas hail from the state of Arkansas... Donna Axum in 64 and Elizabeth Ward in 82.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  All the contestants are listed along with their prelim competition groups which you can see here for yourself! :)

Items to Note:  From our perspective, this year's pageant seems to have 3 categories:
1. No Brainers
2. Newbies
3. You Never Know... 

Who to Watch = No Brainers:
Simone Mullinax - 2nd runner up in 11, 1st runner up in 10, won Miss Sweetheart last year

Sloane Roberts - 4th runner up in 11, AR OT in 08 and 2nd runner up at MAOT 08

Sommer Allen - 4th runner up in 10, 3rd runner up in 11

Morgan Holt - Semi-Finalist in 09 and 10, AR OT in 07

Who to Watch = Newbies:
Caitlyn Cook - we're pretty sure she can sing and has a great headshot

Mary Lacey Thompson - musical theater major, inside scoop says she's 'a super sweet Southern girl'

Who to Watch = You Never Know:
Rosalyn Taylor - Top 15 in 11, won every category at her local

Helen Winser - Prelim Evening Gown and Prelim Swimsuit Winner in '11

Helen Billingsley - Prelim Evening Gown Winner in 11

Prelims Begin on Wednesday!  Junkies Love Miss Arkansas!!! :)




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