Monday, July 9, 2012

Miss South Carolina

Bree Boyce was pretty darn impressive as Miss South Carolina 2011...

Besides gracing the covers of People Magazine and being featured in Southern Living, she was also a guest on The View, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Extra and other programs.  Truthfully, Bree received more on-camera promotion and publicity than a few of our own Miss Americas have!  And let's face it - if you weighed 234 pounds, wore size 18 jeans and you lost 112 pounds to compete at Miss America, I'd put you on the cover of "Junkie~Love" Magazine too (ummm - don't steal that idea, we may just have to do that!)!  Bree stated in a recent interview that she's headed to Hollywood a couple of weeks after Miss South Carolina... No doubt we haven't seen the end of her yet!

We hope she has this photo framed somewhere right next to the one where she's holding her size 18 jeans!  Bree's Top 13 finish at Miss America just goes to prove you can do ANYTHING you want if you work hard and set your mind to it! :)

Miss South Carolina History:  Miss SC has had 2 Miss Americas... Marion McNight in 57 and Kimberly Aiken in 94.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  OMG!  More Videos!!!  Check out this link... You'll be connected to the Miss South Carolina YouTube Channel... only trouble is, they have the Teen videos alongside the Miss Videos, and there's a total of 101 contestants between both programs!  WOW!  You can also see contestant groupings and headshots here at the Miss South Carolina website...

Items to Note: Ummm... this is crazy... but 37 out of 48 contestants are NEW to the Miss South Carolina stage!!!  Do you know how hard it is to do Junkie-Quality Research on 48 girls, let alone checking out the best of 37 rookies???  Especially since we have little-to-no-clue about anyone's Talent!?!  Crazy I tell you!  Do yourself a favor and leave it to the experts!  Don't try this at home! :)

Who to Watch:
Lauren Cabaniss - 3rd runner up and prelim swimsuit winner in 11
Ali Rogers - Miss SCOT 09, 1st time at Miss SC
Summer Rayl - SC National Teenager in 05, 4th time at Miss SC, poli-sci major

Others to Watch:
Mika Friday 
Meagan Garner
Courtney Mauldin
Currie Dickerson
Lustra Miller

Prelims begin Tuesday Night!  Junkie~Love to the Palmetto State!!! :)


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