Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miss Hawaii

Aloha!  :)

Time to review Miss Hawaii (did everyone just say it in their head with the Hawiian accent, or was it just us?)!

Hawaii is one of those states that consistently produces genuine, Miss America quality girls... They're super 'warm' and friendly, thanks to all that Island Spirit... They usually have killer bodies, thanks to practically growing up in a bathing suit on the beach and of course, none of us would pass up the chance to spend a few days in paradise watching a new queen be crowned...

Especially when they've gotta follow in the footsteps of Miss Hawaii 2011, Lauren Cheape!

Lauren was the 2nd runner up twice in Hawaii before winning the crown last year... She won a preliminary talent award at Miss America for her Jump Rope routine (having been there - and seeing it first hand, it was waaaaaaaayyyyy more entertaining than i ever expected!).  Within the last couple of months, Lauren also announced that she is running for the State House of Representatives in Hawaii!  Very Cool!

Hawaii History:  Hawaii has 2 Miss Americas... Carolyn Sapp in 1992 and Angela Baraquio in 2001.  Most noteworthy... In the past 13 years, Hawaii has made the semi-finalist cut 6 times --- and in the past 5 years, they've made it 3 times!  Obviously, Hawaii knows how to produce winners!

What You Need to Know:  This year there are 16 girls competing.  Hawaii has A TON of hula dancers (not surprising) and a TON of newcomers (which actually is surprising)!  Means it's anyone's crown to take!

Who to Watch:
Moni Hara:  Hawaii's Outstanding Teen in '07

Corinne Quinajon:  Just a Senior in High School, she's a piano player and a model with real 'presence' about her

Serena Karnagy:  Hawaii Teen USA 07

Carissa Kitaoka:  Vocalist, competed in Hawaii Outstanding Teen

Items to Note:  Miss Hawaii will be webcast this year... so if you can handle the time zone difference, it's worth staying up late to see the production and the crowning! :)

One preliminary night of competition on June 7th - then the finals on June 9th!  Can't wait to see who the winner will be!!!

Junkies LOVE Hawaii!!!  Mahalo!!! :)


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