Sunday, May 20, 2012

Look Out Pageant Season 2012...

Miss America Junkies is about to raise the stakes...

In fact, I'm about to do what I've never done during a pageant season before...

With great fervor, a lot of laptop time, and a secret stash of chocolate ice cream, I'm about to begin researching the State pageants and making predictions the way Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso go after their college football Bowl Game selections on ESPN (well, at least Herbstreit).

Yes - it's my intention to give you the complete low-down on who the front runners are for each state title along with some predictions (big apologies to all my personal friends who graciously put up with this mini-obsession once a year and are now rolling their eyes realizing I'm about to do this 53 more times a year. Yes, I do believe I've officially crossed the line).

Because this is my first year doing so, I'm going to ask for some grace initially... I'm honestly not sure how accurate my predictions are going to be (then again, Corso pretty much goes less than 50/50 most weekends during College Game Day in the Fall). And, because this is an opinion blog, it's entirely possible that I may post something unfavorable about a certain contestant - or at the very least, not even mention a contestant that you think is the foregone winner. For a full disclaimer on this kind of research and my blog... please read this post here...You'll come to see where and why Miss America Junkies began and learn where I'm coming from. :)

Unfortunately, I'm afraid this decision is already one state behind!!!  I owe the Miss New Hampshire contestants an apology!  Megan Lyman, a 2 time first runner up and former Miss NH IMOT was crowned in April and is the first contestant for Miss America 2013 (Pictures here at

While watching the preliminary results for Miss New Hampshire, it dawned on me that I could of/should of put my thoughts on in writing regarding the Miss NH contestants for anyone who wished to keep me honest. After all, the web has given us all priority access to pertinent pageant info... and i for one, am not afraid to use it! So, with apologies to the lovely ladies in Miss New Hampshire (and the 1st through 4th runner ups surrounding the winner in the photo above), please know, I'll catch you next year. :)

For everyone else, it's about to get nuts! Starting with this weekend! That's right - 2 more state queens will be named this weekend... Miss Pennsylvania and Miss Rhode Island. Which means, I need to stock the freezer with my favorite flavors asap if we hope to get this done in time!  Lots of research between now and then... my brain is about to absorb more pageant info in the next 2 months than Lou Holtz has speech teachers (another ESPN reference... sorry). 

Let the Games Begin!!! :)


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