Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miss Nebraska

Miss Nebraska is a bit of a head-scratcher for us this year... Because Teresa Scanlan won Miss America in 2011 and Brittany Jeffers was a Top 10 finalist the year before her, we expected to see excitement grow in the state, but I'm afraid there are only 13 contestants in this year's pageant.  Makes us wonder if Nebraska girls think they have to 'be Teresa' in order to win... rather than emulate the qualities that make a great Miss America. In any event, we sure like what Nebraska sent to Miss America in 2012!

The Current Queen:  Kayla Batt is all kinds of lovey with oodles of personality!  At Miss America, she received a non-finalist talent award, along with being voted Miss Congeniality by the other contestants.  She was Teresa's second runner up and could've taken the Miss Nebraska crown at that time, but chose to come back and make her own way at Miss America.  We're glad she did!

Nebraska History: More known for their college football than their beauty queens, Nebraska has only produced 1 Miss America; that being Teresa Scanlan, who was crowned at the age of 17 and was the youngest queen in over 70 years.  We had to giggle when we found this photo of Teresa being told to 'take her walk' having just been crowned Miss Nebraska by Brittany Jeffers on Brittany's blog... Classic Moment... :0

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Nebraska website shows all the contestants here... Headshots, talent and platforms.

Who to Watch:
Mindy Schrieber - 1st runner up in '11, 2nd runner up in '10.  Pretty girl too :)

Rachel Foehlinger - Baton twirler, 3rd runner up in '11, Nebraska's MAOT in '08

Chrissy Townsend - first time in MAO system, but winner of National American Miss Nebraska and has been around the 'pageant scene' for a while

Mariah Cook - non-finalist talent and interview winner in '11, strong piano player

As always - we'll do everything we can to keep you updated on the big event!

Just like lady Gaga...Nebraska, Nebraska, the Junkies Love You Too!!! :)


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