Friday, May 25, 2012

Next -- The Junkies Review Miss Rhode Island!

Next --- The Junkies review Miss Rhode Island!!!

Robin Bonner - the current Miss Rhode Island, was a newcomer to the state when she won the title in 2011... and we always thought this headshot was one of the best at Miss America last year!

It's a little tough to find out information on the smallest state's contestants... But we've combed the wonders of the internet to find a few choice tid-bits worthy of posting!  They are... in random order...

Background:  A state who has never had a Miss America, Miss Rhode Island seems to have a tendency to find girls who are outstanding in one area of competition (at least as of late).  For example, at Miss America, Allison Rogers (2006) won the Quality of Life Award, Ashley Bickford (2007) won a preliminary swimsuit award, Julianna Strout (2009) was a non-finalist Talent award winner, and Deborah Saint-Vil was a Talent award winner and Top 15 semi-finalist.  If you're a 'stand-out' in a certain area... you've got as good of shot as any at the title.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Actually, the site has quite a bit of info on the past 2 years, as well as their Outstanding Teen Program.  Facebook does a decent job as well.  Unfortunately, no videos... bummer.

Keep Your Eyes on the Following Contestants:

Alana Lauro:  She was the 1st runner up in 2011 and in the top 5 in 2010 as well.  She's also competed in the Miss USA program in Rhode Island.  Kinda the 'no-brainer-gonna-make-top-5-again' contestant of the group.

Adriana Roberson:  Fourth Runner Up in 2011...

Gabrielle Whitney:  Second Runner Up in 2011...

Angie Angers: Former Rhode Island Outstanding Teen (and did a martial arts routine as a Teen - she's dancing now)

Marissa Louro:  For some reason, we can't take our eyes off her... she's got a great headshot and seems to be very happy to be involved in the 'Princess Program' on the Miss Rhode Island facebook page.

All head-shots can be seen here... Enjoy! :)

No preliminary competition... winner take all come Saturday

Junkies love Rhode Island!!!  All the best Ladies!!! :)



Winner - Kelsey Fournier
1st runner up - Marissa Louro
2nd runner up - Jummy Olagundoye
3rd runner up - Lindsey Fernandes
4th runner up - Alana Lauro

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