Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Miss Alabama

If there's one phrase that you hear over and over again about Miss Alabama, it's this...

W I D E  O P E N !

Yes - If they let you bet on Miss Alabama girls in Vegas, you'd probably have at least 20-1 odds on nearly everyone! While there are girls returning from last year, including the entire winner's court from last year, the truth is that nobody is the odds-on favorite to win the crown this year.  So basically, this means that you can render this blogpost null and void (HA!)... Yes, I could research each and every girl and still be as surprised as you are come next weekend!  So - given all of the above disclaimers, let us begin...

Current Queen:  Courtney Porter made the Top 13 at Miss America last year and happened to be the roomie of Laura Kaeppeler (their tweets to each other are super cute!  Totally worth following them just to see them chat with each other!).  Courtney is also a sweet girl who lost her mother to liver cancer in April, before the Miss Alabama pageant last year... Our favorite photo of her will always be this one with the fabulous blue suede shoes!!!

Alabama History:  Three ladies from Alabama have won the national title... Yolanda Betbeze in 1951 (she's the one who refused to pose in her swimsuit, causing Catalina to pull their sponsorship and start the Miss USA pageant), Heather Whitestone in 1995 (the first Miss America with a disability) and Deidre Downs in 2005 (the last year in Atlantic City).

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Alabama site has all the contestants, click and you'll see their age, school, talent, platform and placement in this year's pageant.  Take a look for yourself right here! And frankly - there are several Miss Alabama locals who have great sites too.

Contestants to Watch:
KeLeigh Edwards: 1st runner up in '11
Haley Bagwell: 2nd runner up in '11
Chandler Champion: 3rd runner up in '11
Jordan Dailey:  4th runner up in '11
Brianna Kinsley: competed in the MAOTeen system, could be big surprise this year
Caitlin Brunell: Most intriguing contestant... former MAOT Teen National Winner from Virginia.  Daughter of NFL quarterback Mark Brunell, charming, dancer, and strong platform (started Caitlin's Closet which allows high school girls to attend prom, homecoming, etc through donated dresses).  She should have no trouble standing-out... but whether or not she wins is yet to be seen.

Others Include:
Carly Evans
Haley Ates
Haley Barber
Sydnii Todd
Abigail Hardin
Anna Laura Bryan

Truthfully, with 48 contestants, there are countless others... As i said earlier, W I D E  O P E N.... whoever has the interview of her life will likely ride it all the way to the crown.  This is definitely one of those states where we'll be as surprised as the winner! 

All the Best to the new Miss Alabama!  Junkie Love to each of You!!! :)


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