Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miss Pennsylvania 2012

Whooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!!  Welcome to our first blog dedicated to the individual states themselves and our best research regarding the top contenders for the state title!  Very Exciting!  Kinda like your first kiss... or the first time you grabbed your curling iron/hairbrush and used it as a microphone and sang in front of the mirror... or the first time you were intently watching Miss America, carefully choosing your Top 10 based on the parade of states ALONE because Al Gore hadn't bothered to invent the internet yet...

C'mon... i know i'm not the only one out here... That's why we're JUNKIES --- Right???

Back to the topic at hand... Miss Pennsylvania... Let's start with some background first.

Background:  Miss PA has had 5 Miss Americas, but not a single one since 1954.  The most recent PA successes include Nicole Brewer in 2006 and Emily Wills in 2007 who both made the Top 10 in their respective years. 

Current Queen:  Juliann Sheldon (center) was a newcomer to the pageant stage when she was crowned in 2011 and beat 31 other women to claim the title last year.  She's a dancer and was officially one of the 'spunkier' contestants at Miss America in our opinion.  This was one of our favorite photos from Miss America where she, Miss Oklahoma Betty Thompson (left) and Miss West Virginia Spenser Wempe (right) all gazed longingly at the massive dessert served at Bucca Di Beppo during pageant week! 

Best Junkie Research Tool:  We enjoyed this video from the Miss Pennsylvania Organization from their Orientation Weekend.  If you've read anything on this blog, chances are you're familiar with our take on videos... I think we've said it every year for the past 5 years... Videos allow you to see who's well spoken and who's a bimbo.  Excellent Tool. :)

Junkie Research Says:  This is an interesting group of girls... Only 4 girls competed in PA 2 short years ago, but plenty competed last year.  A lovely opportunity for us to 'dive right in' and make some assessments!

Keep Your Eyes On the Following:

Ryann Richardson:  She competed twice in Maryland (1st runner up and 3rd runner up) and three times in PA (1st runner up, Top 10 and 4th runner up last year).  Vocalist with a killer body and prelim swimsuit winner.

Jordyn Coalo:  2nd runner up last year... Tap Dancer... also long and tall...

Annie Rossellini:  Former PA Outstanding Teen at the age of 13!!!  Very strong dancer and won her first pageant at the age of 4.

Mackenzie Bart:  She's flat out gorgeous and this is her second time competing... but other than that, we have no clue.

Kristina Miller:  Looks like her head-shot was done by Matt Boyd (one of the best in the business) and she's got that 'cute factor' that PA has been known to crown in the past.  A Baton Twirler... means if she keeps her 'spunk' and nails her talent, things just might go her way.

Catherine Janisko:  This girl looks like she'll go on and be a VP in a fortune 500 company one day.  Should serve her well in interview... and rumor has it she can sing as well.

You can personally see all head-shots of Miss PA contestants here on their Facebook page.  The girls have already begun rehearsals... Prelims begin on Wednesday night... and we'll do our best to keep you fully updated!  Of course, your comments are always welcome! :)

Junkies love Pennsylvania!  Best of Luck to All!!! :)

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