Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miss North Dakota

Must Blog, Must Blog, Must Blog....

It's suddenly become quite apparent that State Pageant season is here... There are 9 pageants in less than 2 weeks AND there are 12 States the weekend after... and 41 in TOTAL by the time June is through.  That means, I'm going to have to post 2 or 3 different states EACH DAY in some cases before Saturday night finals.  No wonder some of you were panicking about my mental well-being!  I'm beginning to wonder myself!

Today's post is all about North Dakota... where 20 girls are competing for the crown this year!  Current titleholder Ariana Walker was a beautiful representative, and achieved the 'Triple Crown' of pageantry - winning North Dakota Teen USA, North Dakota USA and Miss North Dakota MAO.  We found this photo on her blog and loved it... it speaks to the history of Miss America and the reason why we formed Miss America Junkies in the first place!!! :)

 Ok - No more time for sweet talk!  Must get down to business!

Background:  North Dakota is another state that's yet to produce a Miss America, but many of you will remember Roxana Saberi, Miss ND 1997.  While she was impressive at Miss America (Kate Shindle's year) and finished in the Top 10, I'm much more impressed by Roxanna's career since... She's now an American journalist who was arrested in Iran, charged with espionage and sentenced to 8 years in an Iranian prison.  Although released, she wrote a book called "Between Two Worlds" about her time in captivity and is now a human rights advocate.   Take that Donald Trump.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss North Dakota site has beautiful headshots of all the contestants and a complete list of all the awards given away at Miss North Dakota 2011.  Gives us a snapshot of who's the best in each category as we highlight certain girls this year.

Junkie Fun Fact:  For only 20 contestants, there is a WIDE variety of Talents in this group... We have an opera singer, a clogger, a clarinet player, an acro-dancer, a percussionist, a hula-hooper, and 7 - yes, count 'em - SEVEN pianists!!!  Guess there's no shortage of Piano teachers in North Dakota! :)

Who to Watch:
Rosie Sauvageau:  2nd runner up in 2010, 1st runner up in 2011, Prelim Talent, Prelim Tie-Swimsuit, High Score Instrumental Talent, Tie for her group's interview award all in '11.  Plus, a great head-shot.  We say, it's hers to lose this year.

Alyssa Ralston:  Related to Katie Ralston, Miss ND 2009.  If it's in your blood, it's hard to give up.

Stephanie Erickson: 3rd runner up in '10, 4th runner up in '11 and Miss Photogenic (twice, we think)

Laura Harmon: 2nd runner up in '11

Serena Christianson: Top 10 in 06, 07, 08 and 09... took a few years off and is back.  Could be a surprise/darkhorse in this year's competition.

Preliminary Competition begins June 7th with the queen crowned on June 9th!

All the best Ladies!  The Junkies love North Dakota!!! :)


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