Monday, March 12, 2012

Wanna See the Junkies in Your State???

Can you believe it? It's almost time for State Pageant Season again! Hundreds of girls will compete, but only 53 will be chosen to represent their coveted state title and compete for the honor of being named Miss America 2013!

At Miss America Junkies, we're especially looking forward to the upcoming State Pageant summer season. Unfortunately, because so many State Pageants are held on the same weekend, we're not able to be in multiple places at once. However, we do consider every invitation to attend a 'Miss State' and enjoy the chance to meet "Junkies From Across the Country".

Because of a great deal of interest and excitement regarding Miss America Junkies, we thought we'd outline how you can bring the Junkies to your State Pageant.

If you're interested in hosting Miss America Junkies at your State Pageant, here's how:

- Please send an official invitation via email ( or Facebook message from a member of the Miss State Board of Directors. While flattering, invitations from non-board members can also be problematic. To ensure "The Junkies" are wanted, we ask that a board member extend the invitation.

- 2 Press Credentials to all official Miss State events during pageant week, including Preliminary and/or Finals competition

- 2 tickets to any additional events of interest during pageant week (parade, gala, crowning celebrations, etc)

- Additional items such as hotel accommodations or transportation are certainly not necessary, however they are appreciated when deciding which state pageant to attend (especially when multiple invitations have been extended for state pageants held on the same weekend)

Finally, while we will arrive in the capacity of 'press', please know that first and foremost, we're pageant fans! True Junkies! That means we get our kicks out of seeing girls grow, mature and succeed, during their quest to become the next Miss America! Trust me, we've 'played-the-game' before and won't be pursuing any 'gotcha' moments - that's not our style. Rather, our desire is to continue to show our support for the Miss America Organization and its numerous volunteers who give so much of themselves to see young women achieve more than they ever imagined. If you prefer we attend any of the events during your State Pageant as guests rather than press, then you got it - no questions asked. :)

It would be our honor and pleasure to meet you, watch your State Pageant, and report the good news back to the "Junkie Family". Once again, if interested please send your requests to:
Private message us on Facebook
or Catch us on Twitter (MAJunkies).

And Junkies Unite! :)

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