Sunday, June 8, 2014


Hey Junkies!

Even though we're ferociously combing through oodles and oodles of materials, desperately researching as many contestants as we can before posting another round of state blogs, we thought we'd stop and 'take inventory' of the year so far.  After all, we're the ones who claim to be Junkies!  Sure would be embarrassing if we weren't any good at our job! :)

So - we went back to all of our blogposts thus far and tallied up our predictions verses the real results.  For example, of the Top 5 finishers at "Miss State" and the eventual winner of "Miss State" - how many were on our "Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch" list to begin with???  Hmmmm.... Here's what we discovered...

The beginning of the State Pageant season was... not so pretty on our predictions...

Vermont - 3 for 5, missed the Winner
New Hampshire - 2 for 5, missed the Winner

Ugh - That's a rough start right out of the gate!  But then - we picked up steam...

Alaska - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Wyoming - 3 for 3, listed the Winner
New York - 5 for 5, listed the Winner
Nevada - 5 for 5, listed the Winner
Virgin Islands - We listed all 4 contestants - therefore, N/A

And now - here are the results from this most recent weekend...

Alabama - 5 for 5, listed the Winner
Nebraska - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Kansas - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Missouri - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Oklahoma - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
North Dakota - 3 for 5, listed the Winner
Hawaii - 5 for 5, listed the Winner

That makes us 10 for 13 on State Winners - and 46 out of 63 overall!  WOW!  Even though we're only 77% on picking state winners - even we were surprised to see we were 73% on picking Top 5 finishers!!!

Good Thing!  We needed some serious encouragement to PUSH THROUGH these state blog posts... There are still 34 more states to crown in June alone - and 39 more states to crown before we're all through!!!

We realize we may fall flat on our face from here on out - lol!  After all, last year, there were nearly 1400 contestants who participated at the State level (which is A LOT of googling in a short period of time!).  And when you have blog after state blog that has to come out before prelims, it's tempting to 'slack' a bit on researching contestants... But we will stay the course!  Junkies Don't Quit! :)

So - in summary, here's one more reminder... Fellow Junkies... This is supposed to be FUN!  If we don't list your favorite girl, it doesn't mean she isn't good enough, it doesn't mean she's not pretty enough, it doesn't mean she's not worthy and can't win the title... It only means, WE'RE NOT PERFECT!!!  That's it!  Obviously, your girl can still win your state or make the Top 5 (see above!)  If you prefer not to follow these blogposts with our lists, that's ok... We're more than happy to have you stick to the Facebook Page or Twitter Feed... No problem at all.  But if you wanna take this silly journey with us - then let's see how the next few weeks play out - and HAVE FUN DOING IT!!!

Thanks everyone!  If you're curious as to how we choose girls for our "Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch" List - then feel free to check out some of our previous posts here...

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OK - 10 more states to crown NEXT WEEKEND --- AND --- THE JUNKIES ARE HEADED TO MISS MINNESOTA!!!!!!  Whoooooooooo Hooooooooooooo!!!  Can't wait to meet all of our fans and supporters in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (or at the Mall of America - whichever is easier!)  Of course, we'll give you play by play coverage of everything taking place in MN and across the country!!!




  1. Well done. I enjoy your studies, predictions, and work put into this site and the FB page so much. I'm from WY as you know. I am really REALLY liking our new winner Jessie Allen (I picked her to win too). I can't wait to see how she does. Anyway, well done and good luck with your new predictions.

  2. Thanks Much Lisa Kay!!! We've certainly crowned some lovely girls this year - including Jessie! Can't wait to see how the rest of the year plays out! So good to know you're here :) #BigThanks