Tuesday, June 24, 2014


If you follow Miss Oregon 2013 Allison Cook on social media, you know she's incredibly active!  She's always making appearances, speaking at schools, and is happy to be a part of whatever activity she's been invited to attend.  So, when we read the following article in TheWorldLink.com, we were shocked to learn what she deals with on a day to day basis... We snagged part of the article here and posted it below for you to enjoy...

          Seems like obvious advice on its surface, but for Miss Oregon Allison Cook, it’s a message that she’s turned into her own personal platform.  After five concussions in her own life, the junior volleyball player at Oregon Institute of Technology delivered a warning of what concussions can result in to the 16 teams ready to compete in the Class 3A state basketball tournament this week.
          “It’s not just getting your bell rung anymore. Your brain controls every center of your body, It controls all of your functions,” said Cook..."
          Cook, 20, didn’t hold back details of each of her concussions. Her first came in sixth grade when she was playing basketball, then she got two more playing basketball in the span on four months during her sophomore year of high school. The second one (third overall) she lost her vision for 15 minutes, and Cook has had headaches every single day since.
          She got her fourth getting hit by a volleyball while playing at Oregon Tech and then —  just a two-and-a-half weeks ago — she took an airbag to the face in a car accident for concussion No. 5.
Because of the constant concussions, Cook has had the headaches, her body has lost its ability to tell her that’s she’s hungry, she now an insomniac, and she was honest enough to say she had acne like she’s “12 years old.”
          “Concussions are so much more than hitting your brain and having to sit out of a game,” Cook said. “Concussions control your life.”

Allison's presence all over the state as Miss Oregon - just became all the more impressive to us... Thanks for sharing your message Allison... Junkies know you've made a difference during your reign. :)

And now - when we were researching Miss Oregon 2014, we discovered a significant amount of experience returning this year!  Here's where we landed - Good Luck Ladies!!! :)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Rebecca Anderson - 3rd RU '13, Top 10 '11 and '12
Kayla Gordon - 1st runner up '13
Audri Rousseau - DYW OR '11
Elizabeth Denny - 2nd RU '11,
Alexis Mather - Top 10 '13, Prelim Talent
JoAnna Adkisson - OR OT '08
Quinlyn Demig - 4th RU '13
Alexi Provost-Shean - OR OT '12
Gabrielle Nielan - OR USA '13, Miss Congeniality, OR US '12, Top 16 at Nationals
Twila Tschan - Top 10 '12, strong interview



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  1. Jo Anna Adkisson and Stephanie Matheson is where is at! ;-) Love to both!