Monday, June 2, 2014


During her 'welcome home' ceremony hosted by the Oklahoma City University administration, Miss Oklahoma 2013 Kelsey Griswold expressed her gratitude for their support - but also assured them, "...the second I was named the 2nd runner up, I heard God and the Holy Spirit speak to me and say this would be the way of the ultimate plan.  It's not that I wasn't qualified for the job; Nina was meant to be Miss America."

It's a great reminder for everyone who competes in pageants... Just because you weren't chosen, it doesn't mean you weren't qualified... It doesn't mean you wouldn't have done a fabulous job...  It doesn't even mean you weren't good enough (especially after winning Preliminary Swimsuit, killing your Talent on national television and finishing as the 2nd runner up).  All it means is, the crown may not have 'meant for you'.  In fact - what's 'meant for you' might be more than the crown could've ever brought.  Kudos to Kelsey for her maturity and contentment regarding everything that took place during her Miss America competition.

And speaking of competition - THEY JUST KEEP COMING at Miss Oklahoma!  Junkies might say that Oklahoma is currently the toughest state competition in the nation... It's flat out FIERCE!!!  With tons of returning contestants year after year, OK always has a 'stacked bench' - which means they get their pick of the best of the best!

This year, there are 8!  Count 'em, 8 GIRLS RETURNING from last year's Top 10!!!  PLUS - there are 3 former OK Outstanding Teen winners competing this year as well!  Who will follow in the footsteps of Emoly West (4th runner up/Prelim SS '10), Betty Thompson (1st runner up/Prelim Talent '11), Alicia Clifton (2nd runner up/Prelim Talent '12) and Kelsey Griswold (2nd runner up/Prelim SS '13)???

Truthfully - ANY of these ladies listed below could win the state title in, dare I say, 40 of our 53 state pageants.  But these ladies know - if you're good enough to win Miss Oklahoma - you're good enough to win Miss America.  And we can't wait to see who the next winner is!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Alex Eppler - 1st runner up '13, 4th runner up '11 and '10
Aly Akers - prelim talent winner '12 and '13, Top 10 '12 and '13, Top 15 '11
Georgia Frazier - 2nd runner up '13, Top 10 '12, Top 15 in '11, OKOT '09
Sarah Klein - 3rd runner up '13, 4th runner up '12, Top 10 '11
Veronica Wisniewski - 2nd runner up '12, Top 10 '13 and '11 
Tawnie Goodwin - 4th runner up '13, Rookie Prelim Talent Winner '11
Jamie Butemeyer - Top 10 '13, Top 10 '11, OK OT '07
Clytee Burchett - OK OT '11
Kristyn Baker - Top 10 '13, Miss AR International and 4th runner up at Nationals

There are several other girls who could easily break into the Top 10 this year - and that's the first step to becoming Miss Oklahoma one day...

ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE AT MISS OKLAHOMA!!!!  Looking forward to meeting the new Miss OK 2014!!!



  1. are you attending Miss Oklahoma this year? I am for the first time in several years and would love to meet you guys! I'm a huge fan of your site.

  2. Hi Ginger! We saw Alicia Clifton crowned a couple of years ago - but I'm afraid we won't be back this year. :( Hopefully we get the chance to meet in the future though! We love meeting fellow Junkies!!! :)