Thursday, June 5, 2014


We always love discovering 'fun facts' about girls when we prepare each state blog... Here's something we never knew about Crystal Lee, Miss Hawaii...

The girl can do handsprings in her high heels! LOL!  Although we searched and searched for videos or photos - i'm afraid we came up short.  A bummer to us all.  But - while learning a bit more about Crystal, we also learned about her aptitude for advertising.  In the "Midweek" cover story titled a "Tomboy in a Tiara", Crystal said the following:

“I took on the Miss Hawaii role knowing that I have a brand and I can advertise myself. I’m proud to say I started a Miss Hawaii Instagram and got 700 followers in two months. People always want to know, what does Miss Hawaii do? Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and you can see what Miss Hawaii does, how hard we work. It’s a job, but it’s a rewarding job."

Let it be known - there's ALWAYS a mark that can be made when you win your state title.  As long as you're willing to stay engaged throughout your entire year, you can be known as someone who makes a difference.

PS - Founding Junkie considered shooting video of her attempts at handsprings in high heels, but after further consideration, she decided to lie down until the feeling went away.  It was all of 4 minutes. LOL!

And now - who will get the chance to 'make a difference' at Miss Hawaii 2014?

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Lei U'i Kaholokula - 2nd runner up '13, Top 10 '12
Ka'lulani Carr - 3rd runner up HI USA '14
Topaz Fernandez - Miss Hawaii Filipina '11, HI Teen USA contestant
Brittany Atiburcio - Top 10 HI Teen USA '09
Jeanne Kapela - won talent, ss and congeniality at her local
Kelly Simek - Featured twirler at U of Hawaii, 3 time National Champion
Chelsea Clement - Miss HI Teen America '10, 4th runner up at Nationals
Stephanie Steuri - Mom is former Miss Maui, played roller hockey on a boys team :)



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