Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Two weeks after Miss America, on September 29th, 2013, Miss Louisiana Jaden Leach posted the following to her Facebook page...

          "No one ever goes into Miss America expecting to lose.  If that was the case, then why spend countless hours bending over backwards to make sure you are the best possible version of yourself.  So, let me be the first to admit that I was disappointed when my name was not called out into the top 15.  In addition, I was confused, sad, mad, and a million other emotions all at one time (which I didn’t realize was even possible).  Instead of trying to sort out my own feelings and not enjoying the last two hours I had of my Miss America experience, I decided that time would be better spent comforting my new sisters."

Jaden continued... "A note to all: Something I have realized over the last week is that Miss Louisiana is not part of the Miss America experience, but Miss America is part of the Miss Louisiana experience.  By no way, shape, or form does placing at Miss America determine the type of reign I will have as Miss Louisiana.  It does not take a Miss America placement on my resume’ to leave a legacy as Miss Louisiana.  I will be sure to prove this with my entire being over the next nine months.  The Lord has a HUGE plan for me.  So it’s time to make headlines for some really good and big reasons!  Who’s with me?"

Boom.  Talk about one of the most grounded response we've seen yet!  She's right!  And we'll even go one step further and say - that "title" you think you "need to succeed" - if you have your head in the right place, you'll succeed whether you win or lose.  BIG THANKS to Jaden for 'keeping it real' throughout her reign as Miss LA :)

And now - who's likely to be named Miss LA 2014?  Well - this one isn't super easy to predict - but here's our best shot!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Julianne Tippen - 2nd RU '13 and Prelim SS, 3rd RU at Miss Sweetheart
Lacey Sanchez - 1st runner up '13, Prelim SS
Tori Thompson - Top 10 and Prelim Talent '13, Top 10 '12
Amy Matherne - Prelim Talent '13
Kelly Bernard - LA OT '09, Top 10 at MAOT
Deon Sumer - LA OT '12
Chelsi Hefner - Top 10 '13 and '12
Lauren Ford - Top 10 '13 and '12
Hailey Grey - Top 10 '11
Ginger Douglas - 1st RU Miss LA Teen NAM '12, Talent Winner
Breanna Collier - Junkie Dark Horse - the girl can sing!

We're also going to give a shout-out to Megan Lee - If you saw Lauren Vizza's crowning video from Miss LA '11, you might remember a blond girl behind Lauren being completely overwhelmed with emotion when Lauren was named Miss LA '12...  That girl was Megan!  LOL!  If you don't remember seeing it before, you can watch it here...  lol!  It's Awesome - She's SOOOO HAPPY for Lauren!!! :)

And for the record, if you're one of these people who appreciates what we do, but you still think the word "Junkie" is a bit much - the above information about Megan Lee should pretty much prove our addiction is real.  Who remembers crap like that?  Founding Junkie does... that's who... Dear Lord help us all...




  1. LOVE THIS post!

  2. LOLOLOL! Thanks for the compliment! Being a Junkie is a tough life, but someone's gotta do it! :)