Monday, June 16, 2014


From Miss Georgia 2013, Carly Mathis's own blog, regarding her time at Miss America...

          "Sunday night was one of the best nights of my life... Ok, I take that back... it was probalby the best day ever.  It's like all of your dreams thrown into one night.  Everything you ever worked for swirled into a pot and made into a perfect night.  I'm going to start out by saying I was lucky.  There were other women left on that stage Sunday night that were just as talented and qualified to be in the top 10.  I am still so humbled to be one chosen.  I was very calm the entire time I was there.  After I walked out of inteview, I knew they either loved me or thought I was a complete goof ball.  But hey, that's me y'all... When they called my name Sunday night it's as if all my troubles and cares went flying out the window.  I had the same feeling I had when I was 10 years old on Christmas morning.  Your stomach starts to flutter and you're so giddy you can't even stand it.  I was so happy... anything after top 15 was a blessing.  My name was called two more times that night and I got the same feeling each time."

What an awesome description of how it feels to be a Top 10 finalist at Miss America!  But Carly's blog doesn't stop there - here's what she has to say to the new Miss Georgia...

      "The past few months as Miss Georgia have been crazy, busy, but SO SO SO rewarding. The Miss Georgia class of 2014 is complete and we will soon meet the next Miss Georgia. I'm thrilled for another girl to experience what I have. I can't wait for her to experience Miss America. But I really can't wait for her to experience the love, support, and inspiration I have this year. My life is forever changed and I have an entire new outlook on life."

Junkies congratulate Carly on her Prelim Swimsuit win, her loss of 35 pounds to get there and her Top 10 finish as Miss America.  All the best to you Miss Carly, as you continue to chase your dreams... :)

When it comes to Miss GA 2014, we have a little confession to make...

Here's the deal... Junkies rely on head shots to help us determine our research.  In the case of Miss GA, we were BLOWN AWAY by how many AMAZING head shots there are this year!  After head shots - comes Talent research... And may we just say... There is some SERIOUS TALENT in Georgia this year!!!  WOWZERS!  We had to spend extra time researching this state... Hopefully it's gonna pay off!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch!

Maggie Bridges - 3rd runner up '13, 2nd runner up GA OT '09, 1st runner up GA OT '10
Adeline Kenerly - sister of Jameson Kenerly Miss GA OT '12, Baton Twirler
Courtney Walker - 2nd runner up '13, Top 10 '12
Carmella Turner - 4th runner up '13, Prelim Talent
Betty Cantrell - rookie with a killer voice, 1st place Classical Opera NATS competition '13
Sidney Shadrix - another rookie, with another amazing voice
Katherine McCauley - sister of GA '10, Top 10 '13 and '12, overall Talent '13

Pay Attention to these Ladies Also:
Amarinda Trear - Prelim Talent and SS '13
Reedi Hawkins - Top 10 '13, Talent Prelim Winner '12
Haley Henderson - Top 10 '13
Courtney Hinesley - Prelim SS '13
Gabrielle Booth - Prelim Talent '13
Hilary Pulos - GA OT '08

PS - Junkies are Super Excited to see Miss Georgia 2005 MONICA PANG (1st runner up to Miss America, Jennifer Berry) is judging at Miss Georgia this year!  WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!  Junkies Love Formers!



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