Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Nicole Kelley was born without her left forearm - but she never made excuses for why she 'couldn't' do something.  She played baseball, enjoyed diving and dance, before discovering a love for the theater.  She then graduated from the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film with a degree in Directing and Theater Management.  Her platform this year has been about helping people understand that your "differences" don't have to define you...

“With every interaction you are teaching the world around you how you wish to be treated,” she said. “Reaching out to the kids with disabilities is important, but also my message is more than covering just that. Everybody has something that’s different and what it is – that’s your difference and are you proud of that. So it blankets everyone as well.

Junkies know Nicole will continue to empower people through her message - and she'll be a living example to everyone she meets that you can always exceed whatever limitations other people place on you.

One of these days, The Junkies are going to have to see the Miss Iowa pageant in person!  We know we have a TON of fans from Iowa - and we'd love to meet each and every one of you!  Who knows?  Maybe 2015 will be our year to make it happen!

If you remember correctly, "Iowa" is one of those pesky "I" states that the Junkies missed last year... Let's just say, we don't intend to make that mistake twice!  When we started investigating all the lovely ladies at Miss Iowa - we found heaps of EXPERIENCE!  There are a lot of different directions this competition could go for 2014... And ten bucks says that Miss Iowa 2015 (next year's queen) is likely to come from this same group as well!  Good Luck Ladies!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Serica Rowley - This year's Miss Muscatine and Top 10 MN '13
Taylor Weibers - 3rd runner up '13, 2nd runner up '12, 1st runner up MIOT '11
Abby Curtis - top 8 '13, 4th runner up '12
Jessica Baker - 4th runner up '13, Top 8 in '12,
Stacey Phipps - Top 8 '12
Aly Olson - MIOT '10
Molly McDonnell - 1st Runner up MIOT '13      
Leah Bunkers - Top 10 '11, 1st runner up MIOT '10



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