Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Each year, there's a contestant who captures American's hearts.

This year, America was captivated by a blond, tattooed, deer hunting, Chinese speaking army sergeant from Kansas, named Theresa Vail.  

Now admittedly, Theresa might not have been the most 'politically correct' choice within the pageant world, however - we believe she resonated with America, not only because she was 'defying stereotypes' - but because she was completely at ease with herself (who needs to hide tattoos anyway?).  And after spending time with Theresa during Miss America, the Junkies can absolutely attest to the fact that the Theresa you saw on stage - was the EXACT SAME girl that we saw on our way back to the hotel room Sunday night.

She was THE LAST contestant to leave Boardwalk Hall after Miss America was over (because so many people were approaching her offering their congratulations) - the security team actually shut off the lights in order to get people to leave the room (we were there - lol!). :)  Then, she graciously posed for photos numerous times as she made her way back to her hotel room - no matter if the pictures were for little girls in awe or semi-intoxicated men at the blackjack table!  Overall, she still carried a 'wonder and amazement' in her eyes as she reflected on the evening as a whole.  Finishing as America's Choice and a Top 10 at Miss America finalist can do that to a girl. :)

In short, she took it ALL IN - and while we're guessing she would've loved to have won the title of "Miss America", Theresa was more than happy to receive the title of "America's Choice" and forever be remembered as the first to 'bare her tattoos' on stage at Miss America :)

We think Theresa's message is a great reminder for everyone - whether you're involved in pageants or not... Be yourself.  Be comfortable, be confident.  And walk away from anyone who expects you to be anything other than that.

Theresa's world only continues to expand - she's accepted an opportunity to host a TV show on The Outdoor Channel called "Limitless".  According to Vail, half the show is about hunting while the other half involves a personal challenge for her to overcome.  Theresa has also been hired by the clothing brand "SHE" - and she'll wear the clothing on the show as well (available at Bass Pro Shops).  No doubt, Theresa will always be an example to strong women - there's no need to conform when you're confident in who you are and what you want.

And now - who will follow in Theresa's footsteps?  Great question!  There are a LOT of newbies at Miss Kansas this year... But - there are also A LOT of girls who have pageant experience through other systems. :)  Kudos to Theresa and the Miss Kansas Organization for capitalizing on a great year at Miss America and motivating young women throughout the state to compete for the title of Miss Kansas!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Amanda Sasek - Poly Sci grad student at KU, Miss Greater Wichita, Top 10 Miss MO '13
Alyssa Marsh - 2nd runner up '13
Callie Hobkirk - NAM KS Teen '12
Annika Wooton - Top 10 '13
Jennifer Salva - Miss Czeck-Slovac US National Winner - '12/13
Lauren Coston - Top 10 in '10
Savannah Kelley - Top 10 KS Teen USA '10, Sister to Miss KS '11 Carissa Kelley, attends Oklahoma City University
Shannon Livengood - Nat. Champ. College Baton Twirler



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