Sunday, June 1, 2014


Miss Alabama 2013 Chandler Champion and Miss Alabama 1943 Toula Fulford have something in common (besides being named Miss Alabama)...  What is it?  Well - click this video link right here and prepare to smile!

Isn't that the sweetest thing???  And to think - the lovely Toula Fulford was named Miss Congeniality at Miss America and never had a proper crown!  Seriously - You can't make stuff like that up!  Chandler - you and the entire Miss Alabama Organization are class acts!  Love it!!!

Chandler earned a non-finalist talent award for her ballet en pointe performance at Miss America - and dare we say, Chandler seems to be one of the friendliest girls who made long-lasting friendships with multiple contestants at Miss America.  She's still keeping in touch with several other ladies and appears to enjoy every minute of her year.

Who will follow in her footsteps?  It's not easy to predict - Alabama ALWAYS brings their 'A' game to the stage (haha)... And this year is no different!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Caitlin Brunell - MAOT Winner '08 (from VA), 1st runner up '13, 3rd runner up '12,
Haley Barber - 4th runner up '13
Kaleigh Edwards - 1st runner up '11
Mi'a Callens - AL OT '11, 2nd runner up at Nationals
Danielle DuBose - AL DYW (Jr. Miss) '11, 1st runner up at Nationals
Boni Yraguen - DYW of Oregon '12 (Jr. Miss), Top 10 at Nationals
Megan Smith - Top 10 '13 - baton twirler at Alabama, 1st runner up AL DYW (Jr. Miss) '12
Katie Malone - Top 10 '13, 4th time at Miss AL
Brianna Kinsey - 2nd runner up AL OT '09, NAM contestant
Chassidy Sumler - former Miss Mississippi competitor Teen and Miss
Junkies' Sentimental Favorite continues to be - Elisabeth Chramer :)




  1. Boni Yraguen was not Oregon DYW '11. That was Audri Rousseau, who is competing for Miss Oregon this year!

  2. Boni Yraguen was DYW Oregon 12!

  3. Thanks for clarifying! We'll correct the blog - She's still 'one to watch' in our opinion!!! :)