Thursday, June 12, 2014


They say "Big things come in small packages"... and at 5'1 and a half (wink*wink), Miss Montana 2013 Sheridan Pope is the epitome of such a statement.  She's got one of those 'live out loud' personalities - which makes some of us 'laugh out loud'... Especially when reading her tweets!  We've copied a few here so you can see what we mean... Enjoy!

   - Apparently no one knows. So if you don't hear from me again, vanilla black tea and NyQuil was my demise.
   - I bet housekeeping is always afraid of the random fake eyelashes scattered across the hotel room.
   - 24 oz coffee...... I'm gonna pop a squat next to the highway if a rest stop doesn't present itself ASAP.

Lol... Yes, Sheridan is open with her thoughts, but she's just as open with her heart... Here's another set of tweets during the same month in which she posted all of the above comments...

    - Katie, a girl with facial deformity who is completely deaf & has a trache cried happy tears to her fave adult bc "Miss MT touched her face"
    - My heart is exploding with love and also breaking bc I hate that it has to be a big deal that someone touched her face. :( Agh.
    - Can't stop these tears. I'm going to design my cape and make my plan to change the world over ice cream and red wine.

When someone lives their life this 'open', you know they're going to give their all to everything they do... They 'love greatly' and are disappointed greatly.  They're fiercely loyal and are righteously indignant when others don't respond the same way.  The live big and love big.  And we're glad Sheridan Pope was able to share all of herself with the state of Montana and the nation as Miss MT.  Keep it up Sheridan - there are many more 'big things' coming your way :)

When it comes to Miss Montana 2014 - Let's just say... Montana isn't one of those states that's super easy to pick.  This year, there are lots of fresh faces, but there's also a group of experienced contestants as well... So - Here's our best shot!:)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Victoria Valentine - MT OT '08
Olivia Dowler - 1st runner up '13
Katherine Sizemore - 4th runner up '13
Ariana Lake - Univ. of Montana cheerleader
Desja Eagle Tail - Lovely voice
Aly Bjorneby - strong ballet dancer
Junkie Dark Horse - Allyson Peterson



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