Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Nearly every state queen we know would agree that being "Miss State" for an entire year, changes you.  In the case of Miss Nebraska 2013 JaCee Pilkington, she was changed in a way she didn't expect!  From a FABULOUS blog called "Anchors Away" - we found this interview between KETV news anchor and Miss Nebraska "Super Fan" Brandi Peterson and JaCee...

          "I am excited to be moving on to the next chapter in my life...  Right after I give up my crown I will be heading to Mexico to serve on a mission trip.  Later I will continue to finish my degree at Doane College with hopes to continue in public policy and the business consulting world.”
          Could we see Senator Pilkington down the road?  (Prior to becoming Miss Nebraska, JaCee worked for Senator Mike Johanns, and continues to stay active in local politics.)
          “I view Nebraska in a completely different light now,” said JaCee.  “To be honest, when I graduated the first place I was headed was DC.  Now, I realize the opportunity Nebraska has to offer.  You can make an incredible impact within this state and I cannot see myself anywhere else at this point.”

JaCee - spent her year promoting her platform, "Operation Remember Me" which honors veterans and those serving in our military.  All the best to JaCee as she passes the Miss NE crown this week :)

And speaking of... Holy Schmoley!!!  There are a LOT of girls who could take the Miss Nebraska crown this year!  Interview will be key - we have a feeling this one is going to be a nail biter!  If you wanna do your own research, check out Brandi Peterson's blog here... she featured each of the Miss NE contestants with a separate post on her blog!  WE LOVED IT!!!  Take a peek and Enjoy!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Rachel Foehlinger - 1st runner up '13, 2nd runner up '12, 3rd runner up '11, NE OT '08,
Aleah Peters - 2nd runner up '13, featured twirler at UNL
Megan Dimmitt - 3rd runner up '13
Mindy Schreiber - 1st runner up '11 and '12
Staci Craighead - Miss NE OT '10
Lilianna Prill - Miss NE OT '12
Chrissy Townsend - NAM Nebraska Teen '09
Allison Tietjen - MAJ Dark Horse



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