Monday, June 9, 2014


Sometimes... our greatest accomplishments come after our greatest struggles.

Miss Illinois 2013, Brittany Smith shattered her hip bone just before her freshman year of high school.  That's when Brittany had a choice to make.  From an online article from Purdue University...

          “Many people told me to retire and hang up my shoes. Those comments made me work really hard to achieve my goals. They made me stronger in the end.”

Ummm... It's one thing to break an arm or a leg... but your hip???  Breaking your hip-bone is crazy!  And she was only 13 when it happened!  After the accident, Brittany went through intense rehab - and by the time she was 17, she competed and placed in the World Finals in Irish Step Dancing!  THAT'S the story of an over-comer if we ever heard one!  And that tells us all we need to know about Brittany Smith... she'll be more than fine in the years to come after Miss Illinois - and we look forward to watching her succeed in whatever she chooses to do.  :)

So - Who's going to be able to fill Brittany's shoes?  Ummm... Well... To be honest... We don't really know.  Although there are several ladies who have experience returning to the stage, it feels like a pretty wide-open race this year...

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Emily Travis - Top 10 '11, IL OT '08
Marisa Buchheit - 3rd runner up '13, Top 10 12, 2nd runner up OH '10
Natalie Swieca - NAM IL '12, Top 10 at Nationals 
Amanda Goerlitz - 4th RU '13
Audra Ferguson - Top 10 '12 and '13
Kaitlin Wehr - IL OT '10, Top 10 '13
Rayni Lasley - Prelim SS '13, IL USA Top 15 '13 and '12,
Caitlin Robb - Interview award '13
Not one, not two, but THREE Junkie Dark Horses in this race...
     - Rebecca Palmer
     - Ariel Beverly
     - Natalie Schmidt



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