Monday, June 2, 2014


Shelby Ringdahl is awesome.  Not only does she have a mad set of pipes... Not only is a she a huge advocate for CASA and neglected children... She also told America how little time she had to get into her swimsuit during a commercial break stating, all she had "time for was hairspray and butt glue."  LOL!

Now - nearly all of us in Miss America Junkie-land know what butt glue is...  but we only WISH we knew how many people googled the term 'butt glue' after hearing this story!!! LOL!!! :)

Shelby was the first Miss Missouri in 10 years to be named a Top 15 finalist - and ended up finishing in the Top 12 (just missing the cut of performing her talent on TV).  We also loved her full and thorough breakdown of her 2 weeks in Miss America (complete with photos) on her blog... which you can find here.  Our favorite line?  From her dad... When he stated, "This is the dumbest thing I have ever cared so much about."  Precisely how we feel :)

Now - Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch in 2014:

Jessica Hartman - CO USA '10, 3rd runner up Miss USA, Miss US Intercontinental and International Winner '11
Mary Bauer - 1st runner up '13, 2nd runner up '11, 4th runner up '12, MO OT '07
Jenny Zweifel - 1st runner up '12
Jeni Dixon - 1st runner up '12, Top 10 '13, MO Teen USA '08
Maiketa Brantley - 4th runner up '13
Brittany Sears - NAM MO Jr-Teen '09, 1st runner up MO OT '12



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