Monday, June 23, 2014


California knows what they're doing when it comes to Miss America.

Since 2003, California has had 5 women finish in the Top 5 - and 4 more ladies finish in the Top 10 or better (i.e., Top 8, etc)!  That's an OUTSTANDING record hard to match over that same period of time. 

Miss California 2013 Crystal Lee certainly helped extend that streak - She was one of two ladies we predicted would finish in the Top 5 at Miss America (Oklahoma was the other) and she has been a shinning example of how to increase the profile of a "Miss State."  Her presence on social media has been one of the strongest we've seen all year - and her passion for 'branding' herself and the Miss America organization has been superb.

When Michael Jeong interviewed Crystal for "Asian Week", he asked her "What is something most people don't realize about the Miss America pageant?"  Crystal responded, saying,

          "We are essentially athletes. It’s just as mental as it is physical. Most onlookers think it’s all about how you look- but having been on the inside, let me tell you that how you think and how you act is equally important. At the national competition, every contestant is gorgeous and at her peak physical condition. Onstage, each girl can be as beautiful as the next. Where the judges select the winner is the interview. A magnetic personality and inner beauty takes you much farther than just having the prettiest face."

Jeong also asked the First Runner Up to Miss America what was going though her mind when she and Nina were standing alone, and whether or not she realized that both she and Nina were Asian.

          "In those final moments, I was focused on the announcement of results and didn’t think about us being Asian. I’ve always thought of myself to be just as American as I am Asian. Our country has always been composed of immigrant backgrounds – whether or not your appearance reflects it. The order in which one’s forefathers arrived doesn’t make their descendants more or less American."

WELL SAID!  Junkies couldn't agree more! 

Crystal's future is bright - This 1st Runner up and STEM Scholarship Winner already has her BA in Biology and MA in Communications from Stanford.  That tells us it might be easier to predict what Crystal won't do in life - rather than what she will do!  The sky is the limit!

So - who has the best chance of continuing the California streak at Miss America???

Junkies Say Here's who to Watch:

Caylynn Simonsin - 1st RU '13, Prelim SS '13, 2nd RU '12, Top 12 '11
Katie Wayland - Non-finalist Talent award '13, hilarious video!
Jordan Krinkle - CA OT '07, 3rd RU '13, Winner of Miss Sweetheart '13
Gabriela Garcia -  Top 15 in '13
Carly Valdes - Top 12 in '12 and '13
Marina Inserra - Top 10 '13, 4th RU '12, SS prelim '10
Stephanie Patterson - Top 10 '13
Bree Morse - Top 15 in '13
Shelby Sinkler - CA OT '10

Additional Ladies Who Catch Our Eye...

Izamar Olaguez
Jessica Tonti
Rita Garabet
Kelsey Schwartz

AND - The state of California is celebrating its 90th ANNIVERSARY this week - HUGE CONGRATS to everyone who's made such a milestone possible!!!



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