Monday, June 16, 2014


Here's the deal...

Junkies LOVE Miss Utah 2013, Ciera Pekarcik!!!  I mean - get a load of these photos and try to tell me you don't love this girl...

That's why we weren't shocked in the slightest when we heard Ciera was voted "Miss Congeniality" by her peers!  She's obviously a hoot-and-a-half --- But in case you don't believe us yet, here's a few more photos to prove our point!

In all seriousness - Ciera spent 4 years working to become Miss Utah - which is case you don't know, is kind of unusual for this state.  Most girls (not all of 'em, but most of 'em) are 'one and done' at Miss Utah - two years at the most!  But Ciera knew what she wanted... which was a chance to compete on the Miss America stage.  She continued to persevere - and made it happen!

Ciera also was instrumental in getting a bill passed in the State of Utah that also included lobbying efforts from Elizabeth Smart (if you're under the age of 15, you might need to google that name) - a bill that requires sex abuse education to be taught in the Utah school system.  Funny and Smart!  No wonder Ciera's beau of 7 years recently offered her an engagement ring!!!

Junkies wish Ciera all the best in her future endeavors!  We expect many awesome and silly photos like these in the years to come! :)

Now - remember that part above about how girls don't usually compete year after year after year in Utah?  Yeah... So, that makes our job REALLY HARD when it comes to predicting Miss Utah 2014.  Like, really, REALLY hard.  However, while we were researching ALL 44 contestants - we discovered worth mentioning...

This year, Miss Utah asked each contestant to collect used shoes for a non-profit project called "Shoes for Love".  The contestant with the most pairs of shoes, wins a trip to Africa with "Shoes for Love" to help deliver the shoes to orphans and people who have spent most of their lives going barefoot.  To date, we know at least one contestant has collected over 10,000 pairs of shoes!  We can't wait to learn the total number of shoes the contestants from Miss Utah were able to collect during their Shoe Drive!!! :)

Ok - back to researching all 44 contestants!  To be honest - I have no clue who's going to win this thing... This is definitely our 'best guess' and could be our poorest performance to date - but, that's why we play the game! :)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Hannah Harkness - 3rd RU '12
Lindsey Lloyd - Triathlete (broke both arms), 1st place state violin soloist
Chelsi Lukens - Top 10 '13
Mallory Rogers - Top 10 '12
Katherine Ellis - opinion editor at The Daily Utah Chronicle
Karlie Major - Dance UDA instructor, collected 10,000 shoes
Kelby Tyler - Community Service award '13, Pharmacy School student
Brittni Strickland - Suicide awareness platform based on personal experience
Caitlin Woods - starting a rehab clinic in her community
Kelsey Blaser - former OT contestant



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