Wednesday, June 11, 2014


If you were lucky enough to be in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the "Show us Your Shoes" parade, you saw Cara McCollum, Miss New Jersey in her mermaid costume, kicking her feet back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... It was the CUTEST flipper kick The Junkies have EVER SEEN!  And boy oh boy - was she having FUN!  If you're ever in Atlantic City for Miss America - don't miss the parade!  It's fantastic!

Ok - now, back to NJ... Cara, who is originally from Arkansas, attends Princeton University and captured the crown on her very first trip to the state competition.  Even though she was a rookie, The Junkies were taken with her headshot and resume which caused us to list her on our 'Here's Who to Watch List".  Truth is, with beauty, brains and talent like hers, EVERYONE should be watching what Cara does in the coming years!  

Our favorite quote of Cara's was given to the contestants at their orientation a few months ago...

 “You have to look at it (Miss New Jersey) as a job. If you want a crown, you can go buy one at Dollar Tree for a buck. This is an opportunity to pursue your passion,” she said.

Who will be the next person to represent New Jersey?  It's not easy to pick a winner here... but...

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Brenna Weick - 1st runner up '13, NJ OT '09, 1st runner up at Nationals
Cierra Kayler-Jones - 3rd runner up '13, Prelim Talent '11 and '12, overall Interview winner '13
Kaitlyn Schoeffel - 4th runner up '13, 1st runner up '12, Prelim SS '13, Prelim Talent and Gown '12, NJ OT '07
Anna Negron - 4th runner up '11, Top 10 '12, Prelim SS '11 and '12, Prelim Talent '13
Lindsey Giannini - 2nd runner up '13
Ayla Gentiletti - Top 10 '13, Prelim Talent '13
Courtney Fairfield - Top 10 '13, Prelim Gown '13
Ellen Chu - Top 10 '12 and '13



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