Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Miss Maryland 2013, Christina Denny reminds everyone of something very important...

From an article in the Baltimore Sun...

        After returning to Maryland early Monday morning, Denny said she wants to get some much-needed sleep.
        "It's nice to be home," Denny said. "I'm going to relax, catch up on some sleep, and then I will be back to being Miss Maryland."
        Denny plans to spend the rest of the year serving her term as Miss Maryland. She'll also work part-time as a tutor, and apply to grad schools for speech pathology.
        "I know my students miss me, and I miss them," she said. "I'm going to get started on my grad school applications and send those out. That will be the next thing that I do. That will be the next chapter of my life."

Please forgive me in advance for jumping on the Junkie Soapbox...  But, if being "Miss State" is going to be the most important thing you accomplish throughout the course of your lifetime then (*ahem)... May we kindly suggest you stop competing? :)  Here's why...

Pageants should ALWAYS serve as a 'stepping stone' to the next chapter of your life.  They should be a vehicle to get you where you want to go - not the final destination.  Certainly a 'fun' vehicle - with the chance to meet incredible people and wear fabulous shoes along the way... :) But a vehicle nonetheless.  There should be many, many, MANY more chapters ahead of you... regardless of the outcome of your state pageant. :)

Ok - Thanks for the rabbit trail... Back to Miss MD... Besides being extremely level-headed, we're pretty sure Christina Denny also put the song "For Good" from the musical "Wicked" on the map for future Miss America contestants.  No, she wasn't the first ever to sing it - but she sang it WELL - and we've noticed many different girls across the country are now singing it this year for their Talent.

In the same article above, Christina mentions that as soon as she performed her talent as a member of the Top 10, she ran back to the dressing room and yelled, "I just got to sing on National TV"!!!  What a moment, indeed! :)

Enjoy Grad School Christina!  Congrats on your well-deserved Top 10 placement!  And go get that next chapter of your life! :)

When it comes to Miss Maryland 2014 - we've got ourselves another strong competition ahead!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Stephanie Meadowcraft - 3rd runner up '13, Top 10 '12, MD OT in '09
Sara Zeng - 2nd runner up '13, overall Talent '13
Morgan Lash - Miss Teen MD US '13
Ebony Sherrill - NAM MD Jr. Teen '07, MD Teen USA SS award '10, Prelim SS '13
Jade Kenny - Miss AL International '12, 2nd runner up at Nationals, Top 10 in '13 and '11, Prelim SS '13
Kendall Smith - Top 10 in '12 and '13
Emily Logan - Jr. Junkie Reporter in Training - All Grown Up!!! :)
Samantha Hawkins - 1st runner up '13, Prelim SS - has pulled out of the competition to take a fellowship at Harvard - she will not compete



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