Thursday, June 19, 2014


When you're 10 years old and you've just been diagnosed with Tourrette's Syndrome, it's a bit much to expect you could grow up to become Miss Arizona.  But Jennifer Smestad, isn't your typical girl.

Once diagnosed, Jennifer was on all kinds of medication - and in her words, she was "exhausted" because nothing seemed to work.  She even considered taking her own life because she was constantly sore from the head-twitches and embarrassed to go out in public.

Jennifer finally found relief in Chinese acupuncture - and the results came almost immediately.  After a few months, her condition had improved dramatically - the 'ticking' stopped and her anxiety decreased as well.

Now - Jennifer is a super-photogenic girl with a beautiful voice...  And she uses her personal experience to spread the word about Tourette's and how natural medicine might be the answer for those struggling with the disease.

"I have been able to inspire others to try acupuncture, and that's what it's been really all about – inspiring others, giving others hope," she said.

Junkies wish Jennifer all the best in whatever direction she chooses to go.  We know many families have been touched through your involvement in the Miss America organization - and now, they have HOPE! :)

And now - on to the 2014 competition!  If you like Baton Twirlers - this one's for you!  A quarter of the contestants (5 out of 20) will be twirling for their talent!  But will a twirler win???

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:   

Meredith Winnefeld - 4th runner up '13, CO OT '11 and Top 10 at MAOT (Twirler)
Katelyn Neimec - 2nd runner up '13, AZ OT '09 (Twirler)
Rachel Dyckman ' AZ US '12, 1st runner up AZ Teen USA '10, 2nd runner up '09
Kieran Noe - 3rd runner up '13
Lauren McBurnett - new, graduated ASU at 18 in Engineering, now pursing her PHD
Amy Watts - Non-finalist interview award '13 (Twirler)
Savanna Fletcher - AZ Cinderella Miss '06
Hannah Morgan - Worked with Teresa Scanlan this year (Twirler)



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