Saturday, June 14, 2014


Miss DC Bindhu Pamarthi is driven, articulate and super-smart.  She's also currently a law student at Georgetown University...  Yes - we said "currently"...  Meaning, she didn't take the year off to serve as Miss DC.  Nope!  She's been handling both duties ALL YEAR LONG!  We're still trying to comprehend it ourselves... Can you imagine going back to classes on Monday morning after 2 weeks in Atlantic City at Miss America!?!  LOL!  That's Crazy!

However crazy it is - it goes to prove that Bindhu has an intense ability to achieve whatever goal she sets for herself.  In an interview she gave the night she won Miss DC, Bindhu stated that she asked her mom what she wanted for her 50th birthday.  Her mom 'thought about it...' and said, "I want to see you compete at Miss America.  After competing in pageants for over a decade, and in a couple of different states, Bindhu finally brought home the title of Miss DC and gave her mother the birthday present she said she wanted.  We're guessing another great present might be graduating from Georgetown Law School with honors... one that Bindhu is likely to deliver as well. :)

Shifting gears now to this year's Miss DC pageant - Which is...

W I D E  O P E N ! ! !   In fact, NONE of the Top 5 from last year are back - and only one of the ladies listed below even has MAO experience!  THIS COULD GO ANY WHICH WAY!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Johanna King - NAM VA '12, 3rd runner up at Nationals
Cassandra Roper - Semi-finalist Miss MD USA '14
Teresa Davis - Non-finalist talent award GA '13, Studied at Oxford
Tara Ward - 3rd runner up DC USA '10
Amelia Wolf - 3rd runner up DC USA '12
Ayanna Cowley - NAM - Miss TX Teen 3rd runner up Talent
Melicia Johnson - Miss Black Teen Atlanta '11



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