Monday, June 23, 2014


Miss South Carolina 2013, Brooke Mosteller, is a mover and a shaker if we ever saw one.

Do a quick google search on Brooke and here's what you discover...

1. She's completed her first year as a Law Student at the University of South Carolina School of Law.
2. In 2009, she created "Go Higher" and helped institute a college application day for High School Seniors in SC which streamlines the application process.  This year, 185 high schools participated and over 40,000 students applied to college.
3. Was named 1st runner up for the Miss America Quality of Life award thanks to "Go Higher".
3. Won Miss Congeniality at Miss South Carolina AND Miss America!
4. Raised $79,000 for the Children's Miracle Network and won the Miss America "Miracle Maker" award for the most money raised this year (and shattered the previous record)
5. Is now lobbying for a state-wide law against texting and driving in SC
6. Won $14,000 in scholarships at Miss America!!!

Talk about making the most of your Miss America experience!  Just for some perspective - there were only 4 other girls at Miss America who won more than $14,000 --- Nina Davuluri - Winner, Crystal Lee - 1st RU, Kelsey Griswold - 2nd RU and Myrrhanda Jones - 3rd RU.  It certainly goes to prove your time at Miss America can be fruitful and rewarding, far beyond whether or not you're selected in the Top 15!  Junkies know Brooke's impact and legacy on South Carolina will be significantly recognized for years and years to come - the girl is impressive to the core AND - she must be the nicest person you ever met in your entire life (who else wins Miss Congeniality at their home state and Miss America???).  Seriously - Brooke, we can tell you are 'our kind' of people here at MAJ!  ALL THE BEST!!!

And now - After 2 killer queens in a row (Ali Rogers - 1st runner up to Mallory Hagan and Brooke Mosteller), who the heck can keep this thriving program on the map?

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Lauren Cabaniss - 3rd RU '13, 2nd RU Sweetheart, 1st RU '12, 3rd runner up '11, SC DYW '08
Mya Kayler - 1st runner up '11, 2nd runner up NC '12, 4th runner up NC '11, NC OT '08
Lanie Hudson - 4th runner up '13, Prelim SS
Lara Scott - 4th runner up '11, Top 10 '13
Ellen Neely - 4th runner up '09
Erin Frost - Top 10 '13, Top 15 '12
Daja Dial - Top 10 '13
Emily Wayne - Non-Finalist SS and Talent '13
Junkie Dark Horses - Leah Lawson and Jordyn Fox



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