Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So many things we never knew about Miss Wisconsin, Kate Gorman... From

          "Six weeks before the Miss Wisconsin competition I was practicing my dance and I went up for a side leap and severely injured my hip. And found out I had torn the labrum in my hip. So I had to drastically dumb down my tap routine.  What I had to do was give everything I had. I left in on the stage. Yes I was in pain - but I did it."
          But she couldn't do it any more, at least not without surgery. "And there just frankly wasn't enough time to recover."
          But to compete in the Miss America pageant you have to showcase a talent and unable to dance, she shifted her focus to singing. "There's so many instances in life when it give you lemons and you make lemonade. We face the music in a great way. I also love singing too, it's just a fear that I've had to overcome. Completely switching gears four months before the biggest job interview in my life is kind of scary. I can't wait to showcase my talent on the Miss America stage."

Wowzers.  It's one thing to choose to change your talent before Miss America... it's quite another to be forced to do it because you can't physically handle it.  Very impressive, Kate... Your ability to 'do whatever you have to do' will take you far. :)

Regarding Miss Wisconsin 2013... let's just say we've got 'newbies' running out our ears.  And while it may not be the very first time for some of these contestants, it certainly is for the majority of the girls we researched!  Plus - there are a lot of instrumental talents this year... We'll admit, we're not super confident about our predictions here - but that's why we play the game!  Here we go!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:
Racquel Brunning - 3rd runner up '12, clarinet talent,
Caitlin Schober - Carthage grad, Saxaphone talent,
Colleen Mroteck - Top 10 in '12, chello talent
Paula Kuiper - Top 10 in '12 and "Spirit of Miss America" award, piano



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